Like Minds New York, from 3 – 6pm February 26th 2015 at Tenthwave. 




We’ve got an amazing opportunity during Social Media Week New York this year in partnership with digital agency Tenthwave.

Thursday, February 26th from 3 – 6 PM based at the Tenthwave HQ at 31 West 27th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

Engaging The Connected Shopper

Please join us as we explore what’s next in a quickly evolving retail environment where the customer demands more, has a louder voice, and expects you to be relevant to their lives by treating them as a human, not a demographic.

It will be an afternoon of fireside-chat discussions, good food and drink with leading retail strategists, marketers, social media gurus and the solutions providers that are driving the future of how we shop.

Meet some of the strategic minds who have shepherded the worlds most iconic brands, like Target, Gap, Ford, Kohl’s, Nike, Disney, and Nestlé into the digital, social, and mobile future of consumer retail marketing.

Networking over drinks after the event. Check the individual schedule over on the right for more details.

Please note the Like Minds schedules are subject to change. If for any reason we need to replace a speaker we will do so with one of equivalent stature.


More on Like Minds

Voted one of the 10 best ideas festivals in the world.  Through insights, workshops and lunches, an average 400 participants engage with each other, discussing new ideas and forging new connections to help make those ideas happen. It is a world class ideas event bringing people and businesses together to peer into our social and digital future, examine the shifting media landscape and discuss how our inter-connected culture is changing just about everything.

“Like Minds is an intellectual playground where thinkers, strategists, agents provocateurs, innovators, challengers and mavericks can open up, share ideas and be inspired in a warm, welcoming and world-wide environment. If you haven’t been, go. You’ll see the future there; most likely, yours.”
Robert Bean, The Robert Bean Branding Company

Voted by The Guardian in their “Top Ten Global Ideas Festivals to attend”

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