Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Working to Engage millions of people in good causes from good coffee shops around the world.

Chris is founder of Blue Dot World a social currency for good about to launch. 

During 2010 he was on secondment from Comic Relief as a Director at 1GOAL, the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, of achieving Education For All 69m children in the world currently out of school. ( A global campaign that has seen footballers, Pele, Ronaldo, Mokoena, Zidane etc and millions of people come together to ‘encourage’ world leaders to make good on their promises. First results show an additional 4m children should soon receive schooling for the first time.

Creative Communications Director at Comic Relief, invented the 3 red noses and oversaw the broadcast, creative and digital output for the, £82m generating, Red Nose Day 09. 

Sits on the social legacy board for the London 2012 Olympics. ( and on the legacy group for the England 2018 World Cup bid. 

Written ‘Coffice’ a book that captures the real reason millions of creative, entrepreneurial & business people globally, run their business from coffee shops and inspire those that don’t, to join them. Find out more online.

Left school with: 1 ‘O’ level. Followed by art College. Shop assistant at Boots The Chemist, BBC Gramophone Library. Lived on a boat on the Thames. Managed bands. Backpacked from Trans Siberian to Cambodia. Got married & had the ‘FourWard’ kids. Started Beatwax agency (fastest growing PR agency in UK). Discovered Friends Reunited and made them famous (and some money). Won some awards (PR campaign of the year / Innovation in Movie marketing). Started Firstmovies. Sold both successful agencies in 03 (both still going strong). Bought a nice bike and a pile of lycra and mtn bike raced across the Rockies, Alps and S.Africa. Ran 10 marathons. Worked in an orphanage in Mozambique, returned determined to make a difference, became a Samaritan, held an art exhibition. Started a sports social network site, went to Comic Relief and then the World Cup for 1GOAL: the legacy of Education For All. (via a million coffee shops).