What will be different in 5 years in the food industry and what will remain the same.

Karen Fewell, Director of social media & digital marketing @digitalblonde, spoke to fellow panelist Justin Kirby about what will be different in 5 years in the food industry and what will remain the same. Karen, along with Justin will be speaking on the Like Minds’ Is Social Media Making or Breaking the Food Industry? panel during Social Media Week […]

What’s the use of long-form branded content?

A discussion with Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy Group UK. Justin Kirby has been asking industry experts around the world about key and emerging themes for the forthcoming Best of Branded Content Marketing Live event that Like Minds are putting together in partnership with the BCMA. This follows on from his report on the future of branded […]

What makes a brand? Branding expert Robert Bean on the Single Organising Principle.

This is a guest post by Justin Kirby. This interview was originally published on A Flux State Dec. 6th 2013. Robert spoke at Like Minds London at the Digital Marketing Show on Nov. 27th 2013. A live-blog of his talk is here. Interview with branding expert Robert Bean This is an interview that We Are Like […]

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What Can we Learn From the Pioneers of Digital?

In what is becoming an increasingly digital world there has been the emergence of some serious players, the pioneers of digital who have helped shape the sector. Everyone has a back story, not all become public – mainly because there is no interest in them – but others are actively sought out because we want to […]

Where Digital, Entrepreneurs and Dinner Collide

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the latest Digital Entrepreneurs dinner, held in the Gallery at London’s Adam Street private members club. Now industry dinners can usually be a bit of a hit & miss affair with multiple random conversations held with other random attendees, along the well-worn and tiresome path of “Hello, […]

Search + Results <=> Reputation

Filip Matous at Like Minds Thursday June 27th 2013 Filip Matous of Evergreen Reputation was the speaker at June’s Like Minds Breakfast. After the unplanned nightclub chic of the previous month, when we met in the ME Hotel’s STK restaurant, it was good to be back in the light of the Radio Bar at the […]

Philippa Snare – If Social isn’t Natural, Don’t use Social

Graham Stewart reports on the Like Minds Salon talk with Philippa Snare If Social isn’t Natural, Don’t use Social – Philippa Snare at Like Minds Over 40 women (and a sprinkling of men) gathered in the bright and sparkling upstairs room at SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ on London’s Great Marlborough Street for the 4pm afternoon event on June 6th, writes Graham […]

Twenty Hours Is All It Takes To Learn A New Skill

Graham Stewart reports on the Like Minds Business Breakfast with Josh Kaufman Josh Kaufman – Twenty Hours Is All It Takes To Learn A New Skill Josh Kaufman, author of the best-selling The Personal MBA, was the guest speaker at this month’s Like Minds breakfast event at London’s ME Hotel. Josh has a new book out this week, […]

Accidental business & The Shoreditch Village Hall

This is a guest post by Jonathan Lister - Co-founder, Shoreditch Works “Accidental business & The Shoreditch Village Hall” When you’re running a small business, it seems that following your nose into an opportunity can lead your business in different and exciting directions. And sometimes you realise that little side project you were doing for fun – […]