Jenny Afia, Partner, Schillings Lawyers

Who do you go to when you need specialist legal advice in a modern open and transparent world? Jenny Afia is an expert in social media, reputation and the law; and Schillings are the lawyers behind many high profile celebrity cases that have made the news over the last year. Jenny spoke at Like Minds in London during Social Media Week, and at Like Minds 2012 in Exeter will be conducting an Immersive entitled “Reputation Protection Masterclass” – a must for any organisation concerned about the perception and management of their brand and their online reputation.

Phil Borge, Marketing Director, 1000heads

Phil joined 1000heads after over a decade working in the PR industry, most recently developing campaigns with organisation like Royal Mail, The Marketing Society and United Spirits, India’s largest drinks manufacturer. He is an accomplished strategist, keen facilitator, and has ghost-written articles for titles including the FT and Admap. Phil’s PR career also saw him working with a large number of marketing agencies, providing a somewhat unique view on the changing agency model, and the varied results of the rush to embrace social media.

Anton Chernikov, Founding Partner, Good People

When social enterprises need to raise their profile to attract the right people and talent they need to be sure that they are reaching the right audiences with their messages and opportunities of working together., co-founded by young entrepreneur, Anton Chernikov, is designed to bring together social enterprises and people who want to do something purposeful with their time and efforts. As an Endeavour we’ll be hearing how we can support Anton in supporting others.

Rajeeb Dey, CEO, Enternships

Rajeeb was the winner of the O2 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award 2009 for his startup, Enternships, an enterprise with which many world leading organisations have since engaged as a key way to offer valuable internships to aspiring young people entering the workforce. Rajeeb was recently named as a Young Global Leader 2012 by the Word Economic Forum, the youngest to do so, and will be lighting up the Like Minds stage as he shares his insights.

Molly Flatt, Writer, Journalist and Social Business Director, 1000heads

A familiar and welcome face at Like Minds, Molly is back by popular demand to run an Immersive on word of mouth engagement. Her candid presentation style, unique insights and fresh approach to doing modern business will help any organisation, big or small, get a fresh perspective on how to create conversations and heap love on their customers. Molly is the current President of WOMMA UK, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

JP Hamilton, Head of Social Investment, Virgin Pioneers

As someone who has always been part of big brands and big business (over 11 years working at PepsiCo and Virgin Media) JP is now engaged in helping the very smallest businesses prosper through the Virgin Media Pioneers programme. Leveraging his varied background, from first selling Walkers crisps to the lowly corner shop through to shipping over 10 million packs a week to Sainsburys, through to his commercial & pricing experience of managing Virgin Media’s portfolio of promotional offers, JP now wants to challenge big business to leverage it’s power to make a difference for the little guy and truly believes that what you do matters.

Neville Hobson, Podcaster

An entrepreneur, a communicator, a blogger, a podcaster, and a curator, Neville is revered as a sage in all things digital, social and online community. His work with Dell and his hugely popular industry podcast, FIR, means Neville has an international following, and after he spoke earlier this year to a transfixed crowd at Like Minds Social Media Week London his insight and vision demanded a larger stage – namely Like Minds Exeter 2012.

Iris Lapinski, CEO CDI / Apps for Good

In leading an award-winning education and technology charity, Iris knows plenty about about building things that matter and which make a difference to other people’s lives. As one of our Endeavours that we are supporting this year, Iris will be telling us specifically about Apps for Good, a schools initiative to help children develop apps that will change their worlds.

Russ Lidstone, CEO EuroRSCG

As the spearhead for EuroRSCG in London, Russ is one of the advertising and marketing industry’s leading agency figures, and we are delighted to welcome him to join his fellow industry contemporaries, Rory Sutherland and Robin Wight, as a Like Minds Alumnus. Russ’s work at the coal face of brand and business communications is helping to guide some of the world’s leading brands through the fast changing nature of our world – in digital and beyond. An Exeter boy-made good, Russ will inspire Like Minds and impart what are the essentials for a business that matters today.

Alan Moore, Founder SMLXL, Author: No Straight Lines

The world isn’t flat and no line is straight. In exploring this basic principle, Alan has taken a firm grasp of the significant and disruptive trends which are currently reshaping our world. Through his most recent project No Straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world, where he believes everything is a mashup and there are no longer any clear boundaries, Alan has interpreted these complex themes into something we all need to more fully understand, exposing the ever-shifting nature of how we operate and deal with the world around us. Alan’s latest book on this will form the platform from which he will share this important insight at Like Minds. Get ready for a ride of case studies, anecdotes, revelations, to have your perceptions tested, and to have a good laugh about it along the way.

John Richardson, Author, Dream On

John is an author and business consultant with a difference. Until recently, he was the owner of a wide range of businesses within the hospitality industry. But five years ago he decided to make a change in his life and undertake a personal challenge. A challenge that changed his life at fundamental level. The resulting story, which became a world wide best selling book, is currently being made into a film at Elstree studios in London. With two other highly successful business books in publication John has a unique take on how businesses and individuals can make huge transformations in a short period of time.

John Rosling, CEO Shirlaws

John Rosling is UK CEO of Shirlaws, the world’s largest non-franchise business performance and coaching organization. John was runner up 2012 IoD Director of the Year and author of the popular guide for CEOs “More Money, More Time, Less Stress” which the FT’s Mike Southon called “a roadmap for making your business brilliant again”. John started his career with Unilever in the UK and Japan before moving to Diageo. Since leaving the corporate world he has established or acquired a number of businesses. He lives a semi-aquatic life in Hampshire with his wife and three children.

Peter Shankman, US Angel Investor

Once named by PR Week Magazine in their “30 under to 30 to watch,” Peter is recognised as a leading internet commentator around the world, and he is read and followed by a huge international audience. He is a serial Internet entrepreneur who initially founded and sold Help A Reporter Out, a platform that has become the de-facto source for journalists on deadlines. He now consults with some of the leading companies in the world, as well as famously penning an innocent request on Twitter that 2 and 1/2 hours later exploded into a global customer service and PR story, and was named as one of the top ten best tweets of 2011.

Paul Sloane, Author, Speaker, Facilitator

Lateral thinking expert Paul Sloane will show you how to unlock your creativity and use lateral thinking techniques to power innovation in your organisation.  This session is highly interactive and challenging.  It will include lateral thinking puzzles and the use of advanced brainstorming techniques including Random Word and What if?   Do not come to this session if you want a relaxing afternoon snooze.

Paul was in Sales and Marketing with IBM.  He was Marketing Director and Managing Director of Ashton-Tate and VP International for MathSoft.  He is the author of over 20 books on lateral thinking, leadership and innovation including ‘How to be a Brilliant Thinker’ published by Kogan Page.  He facilitates workshops, brainstorms and meetings for corporate clients including Microsoft, O2 and Glaxo Smith Kline.


Shannon Springer, One Planet MBA

A strategist in sustainable business, Shannon is a student at Exeter University Business School on the One Planet MBA, a unique and ground breaking programme that educates future generations of leaders in building sustainable businesses. In collaboration with organisations like WWF, Shannon and her fellow MBA students are instilled with the understanding and skills required to think and act more strategically in order to build successful and more responsible businesses. Shannon has worked extensively in marketing with Saatchi and Saatchi and in non-profit with the UN, and will be providing a new generation’s vision of a sustainable future, where business takes a share in the planet’s well-being.


Whether you’ve heard of some of our speakers or not, we guarantee that over the course of the two days at the Like Minds Festival, they will all inspire you with vision, challenge you with ideas, comfort you with validation, and feed you with brain food that will empower you to build better businesses.