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How To Use Customer Service To Drive Sales With Peter Shankman

Like Minds New York kicked off today with Peter Shankman moderating a discussion with Patrick Sheridan, CEO of Modus Create, Matt Doherty, Associate Director, Global Digital Creative & Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and David Dowd, of Hootsuite.

Endeavour Of The Month – Plan UK’s Motorbike Midwives

Endeavour Of The Month – Plan UK’s Motorbike Midwives It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. The damage done by the most powerful storm ever to make landfall has been immense and profound: a huge death count, millions displaced from their homes, and towns and cities ruined […]

Endeavour of the Month – Save Santa’s home with Greenpeace

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. And why? Because we’ve polluted the planet to the extent that the Arctic ice cap has melted and destroyed Santa’s home, that’s why. So forget about any Christmas presents under the tree. Listen carefully and instead […]

What makes a brand? Branding expert Robert Bean on the Single Organising Principle.

This is a guest post by Justin Kirby. This interview was originally published on A Flux State Dec. 6th 2013. Robert spoke at Like Minds London at the Digital Marketing Show on Nov. 27th 2013. A live-blog of his talk is here. Interview with branding expert Robert Bean This is an interview that We Are Like […]

Digital Marketing Show – Ed Bussey

Ed Bussey, Founder, Quill was the final speaker in the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show, talking about measuring the success of content marketing. The web and technology has done an amazing thing for consumers online in that it has given them an unparalleled selection of choice. What a lot of sites miss […]

Digital Marketing Show – David Prior

David Prior, Chief Technology Officer, Xuvasi delivered the penultimate talk at the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show, where he talked about big data being a load of rubbish. To me it is just data. People are getting into this big data mindset and I am thinking to myself that we have been […]

Digital Marketing Show – Cloud Debate

The Like Minds Cloud Panel debate, with moderator Daniel Steeves, MD, Beyond Solutions and Founder, DeRisk the Cloud,  saw panellists George Constantopoulos, Director, SBR Consulting, Jacqui Taylor, Founder & CEO FlyingBinary, and Doug Clark, Head of Cloud, IBM look to demystify the cloud. The key to cloud is: – The right people – The right choice of partner – […]

Digital Marketing Show – Tim Barker

Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift talked about the importance of analysing social data, and what it can do for your company.  What I want to talk about is how over the past few years companies are going deeper into social data to understand their customers, markets and opportunities. We need to think about how […]

Digital Marketing Show – Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies, Founder, Idio started the final day of the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show by looking at ‘Making Data More Understandable’ What does big data mean? Well actually the ‘big’ bit doesn’t mean anything. It isn’t big and it isn’t a new concept. I want to look at a behaviour that […]

Digital Marketing Show – Robert Bean

Robert Bean, Founder, The Robert Bean Branding Company, closed the second day of the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show, talking about what is a brand. What is a brand? If you want to understand anything in life, look to the origin. If you do that at some stage you will have a ‘I […]

Digital Marketing Show – Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz Ahmed, Founder & CEO, AKQA answered audience questions at the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show. If you were building a new agency what would be your top tips be? 1. Long-term view 2. Do the right thing 3. Trust your guts How did you achieve what you did?  We try and […]

Digital Marketing Show – James Moffat

James Moffat, of the Organic Agency, spoke of how to do digital like James T Kirk at the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show.  He flies around the galaxy making the place a better place and there are a few lessons we can learn from him. I started thinking, watching Star Trek, if […]

Digital Marketing Show – Minter Dial

Minter Dial, Founder, The Myndset kick started the Wednesday afternoon session in the Like Minds theatre at the Digital Marketing Show, looking at how social is being used in retail spaces. How can a store use digital to attract and engage a customer? We start with potential, then vicinity, then window, then in store, then […]

Digital Marketing Show – Search & Social Panel Debate

The Search & Social Panel Debate was hosted by Stephen Waddington, President, CIPR and saw a panel of Kate Matlock, Senior Digital Strategist, Ketchum, Steve Earl, MD, Zeno Group and Adam Cranfield of My News Desk discus social and search.   Let’s kick off. We are twenty years in with the web, are we at […]

Digital Marketing Show – Raja Saggi

Raja Saggi, Head of business-to-business marketing at Google, looked at five easy ways to get online for his Like Minds talk at the Digital Marketing Show.  Your website is your online window, and as such the principles to a great shop window can be applied to a great website. Your homepage needs to be clear, […]

Digital Marketing Show – Omaid Hiwaizi

Omaid Hiwaizi started the second day of talks at the Like Minds Theatre at the Digital Marketing Show, talking about big data and how it is becoming a major part of our everydat lives. But what does big data have to do with search? Search is proving to be a key way to extract the […]