Like Minds U

Like Minds U.

Like Minds U are in depth learning programs, taught by our partner Propellia, to help individuals or small businesses understand thought leadership frame-works and tool-sets for you to help develop you and your business profile.


In recent years the role of the ‘Thought Leader’ – the person recognised as having authentic future expertise over their field and the ability to communicate that expertise to others – has become well established in the international marketplace.

With Thought Leadership communities and platforms like Like Minds and gaining influence and reach on global stages, Thought Leadership has never been more current. It’s recognised and ripe commercially as a sector, desired by brands and organisations to help create market differentiation and competitive difference.

If we think of Thought Leadership as simply another ‘Talent Sector’, it becomes apparent that in every other talent sector, dedicated agencies provide strategic, creative and commercial expertise, as well as logistical support and resource to enable that top talent in that sector to develop. This is the case for music, fashion, publishing, modelling, sports and recently comedy but not widely implemented for Thought Leadership.

Like Minds is proud to partner with Propelia, who since launching in 2012 are recognised as the first and leading UK agency of its kind. Propelia uniquely launches new types of Thought Leaders – either as an individual or someone in an organisation – who through their ongoing curiosity, work and expertise are recognised as able to open paths into emerging markets and sectors.

With a growing and diverse client list, covering over 30+ market sectors, launching the first Thought Leader in the £9bn global Sharing Economy and helping a leading UK tech VC to develop the UK equivalent of The Lean Startup, Like Minds U and Propelia have partnered to enable you to explore, engage and launch your own Thought Leadership journey.

To learn more and for your free evaluation to understand if this is the right strategy for you, please contact Andrew Ellis or Dan Simmons for an informal discussion.

Like Minds U is the Like Minds consultancy arm. Powered by thought leadership agency Propelia.