Starting in January 2012, Like Minds U have created an intensive, hands-on coaching programme to help businesses and organisations develop their own Social Media products and services to take to market and meet their customer demands. Learn more about it.

Like Minds U is limited to 20 spaces. Our Like Minds Alumni are tutoring this intimate course and providing exclusive access to their expertise and experience. Meet our Alumni.

This isn’t just knowledge sharing. You’ll receive both one-to-one assistance and group lectures, combining social media concepts with a step-by-step process to building your offering and rolling it out for your clients and your business. Discover the course.

The best bit? £2,995 ex.VAT. It should cost a bomb, but it doesn’t. With funding from the Creative Industries iNet, the cost is radically reduced to just £995+VAT. Plus additional funding is available to half the enrollment fee. Enrollment is now closed. A new course is currently under development.