Chris Ward: How You Can Get People To Give Millions Of Pounds

  A man who is familiar with being outside of the box, Chris Ward shares his journey from school to Red Nose Day to his current project, Blue Dot, and how you get people to buy in to change.

Interview: The Like Minds Challenge

Like Minds co-founder, Drew Ellis reveals all about the Like Minds Challenge for Like Minds Ideas Festival in May.

Ian Fordham: Rewriting Our Education

Ian Fordham, Director at the Education Foundation looks at how we can successfully bring about change in the education sector.

Interview: Like Minds 2012

Like Minds co-founder, Drew Ellis gives details about the surrounding areas of Exeter where Like Minds 2012 will be taking place.

Interview: How We’re Making Like Minds More Social

Like Minds co-founder, Scott Gould shares a little bit about how we’re creating more social spaces at Like Minds this year after your feedback that you’d like to engage more each other as participants.

Delphine Remy-Boutang: Guiding Organisations Through the Social Media Landscape

How did IBM empower almost half a million social media representatives? Delpine Remy-Boutang shares the story of guiding staff at every level in the organisation to winning with social media.

James Whatley: The 5 Word of Mouth Moments of 2011

Word of mouth master James Whatley dissects the most talked about events of 2011 to reveal the hidden truths behind their popularity and what motivated people to talk about them.y

James Poulter: How Recommendations are Reprogramming Society

Starting with a poem, and ending with a stern revelation, James Poulter asks whether the vision of a social future is a utopia or dystopia?

Molly Bedingfield: Making it Easy to Make a Difference

What happens when a charity has a 100% Promise ensuring all public donations go directly to provide tangible resources on the ground? Molly Bedingfield shares how Global Angels make it easy for you to make a difference

Aren Grimshaw: How a Small Company Made a Big Change

How did a company go from designing cheap websites to building the technology of giants? Aren describes the essentials of change management.

Gabrielle Laine-Peters: How Community Helped Me Live After 9/11

In a moving story of her survival through 9/11, Gabrielle Laine-Peters describes how community helped her heal and reconstruct her life.

Luke Johnson: The Most Important Qualities of an Entrepreneur

What makes a successful entrepreneur? In this short interview, British Entrepreneur Luke Johnson discusses the vital characteristics of successful business people.

Scott Belsky: Making Ideas Happen

What makes an idea stall in between its exciting, creative birth and the execution of it in real life? Scott Belsky shares why most ideas never happen.

Robin Wight: The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Social

Looking at case studies, human evolution, sociology, and with a good bit of charm, Robin Wight, President of creative group Engine, tells us why the future is necessarily social.

Andrew Dubber: Creating Value by Making Meaning

In our satured digital world, Andrew Dubber shows us how we can create new meaning from curating existing content.

Steve Moore: Curating a Country

We can talk about media, but how do you go about curating a country? Steve Moore talks about how Big Society is encouraging community action across the United Kingdom.

Karren Brooks: The Real Time You

What’s leadership got to do with it? According to Karren Brooks, everthing. In this insight she shares the necessary leadership skills that compliment our digital connectedness.

Sherilyn Shackell: Turning the Talent of Today into the Leaders of Tomorrow

Combining mentors, coaches, companies, charities, and an owl, Sherilyn Shackell is empowering the marketing minds of the future through The Marketing Academy.

Chris Carey: The Long Tail Myth and Other Lessons

What if everything we think about the Long Tail, freemium and media today are wrong? With stats that will blow your mind, Chris Carey from PRS for Music presents the business models of tomorrow.

Tiffany St James: The Social Impact of Technology

From her experience working with governments around the world, Tiffany St James describes how technology is changing our cultures and societies.

Robyn Brown: Our Beautiful Country

WIth 100 years of experience of curating the very best in British countryside, Robyn Brown explains the challenges and opportunities for the National Trust in engaging a whole new audience.

Benjamin Ellis: Why the ‘We’ Generation ‘Knows’ Better

How are digital natives changing the way that our world is working? Social technologist Benjamin Ellis communicates how the “we” generation think and act.

Sim Stewart: The Help Engine

Looking at the future of how people will help each other, Sim Stewart presents Cofacio, the social community platform that is dubbed “the help engine.”

Guy Clapperton: Show Me The Money

With the continual emphasis on freemium business models and the ’give it away’ culture, Journalist and Broadcaster Guy Clapperton delivers a digitial reality check in which he asks us the famous phrase: show me the money!

Robert Clay: Valued Based Curation in a Volume Based World

How a high level of value beats the volume based approach when it comes to curation and building community.When it comes to innovation, Robert Clay has learned from his three industry-changing starups that value is better that volume.

Joanne Jacobs: Virtuality is the new Reality

As technology blurs the physical and the digital, author and professor Joanne Jacobs asks the question, “What is real?”, looking at a montage of innovations over the last 10 years to discover that virtuality is indeed the new reality.

Myles Peyton: The Future of Immersive Experience Making

What will the virtual shopping experiences of the future look like? This is a jaw dropping presentation of the next stage in digitial technology through augmented virtuality with Myles Peyton from Total Immersion.

Panel: How must new media innovate in the real time future?

Panel discussion with Ben Metcalfe, Mel Exon and Bill Gash

Oisin Lunny: Real Life, Real People, Virtual World

How does the world’s largest teenage social network create reality in a virutal world? Oisin Lunny talks on the strategies and tactics that Habbo Hotel have used to develop deep virtual relationships around real life topics.

Panel: How do Social Participation and the Virtual World merge?

A panel discussion with Oisin Lunny, Alastair Duncan, Molly Flatt and Antony Mayfield, at Like Minds Conversation Helsinki,

Panel: What are the keys to a social, mobile and augmented experience?

A panel discussion with Julien Fourgeaud, Teemu Arina and Dan Goodall.

Behind the Scenes at Like Minds Conference, Spring 2010

A round up of the Like Minds Conference, Spring 2010, in 4 minutes, with words from Scott Gould, Chris Brogan, Joanne Jacobs, Olivier Blanchard, Alastair Banks, Jon Akwue, John Bell, Yann Gourvennec with footage from many of the events outside of the main venue.

Chris Brogan: Making Social Media Useful

Travelling every week across the world, social media thought leader Chris Brogan shares what he has found to be the essence of what he calls “human buisiness.”

Yann Gourvennec: Building Outstanding B2B Advocacy

A lesson on B2B and social media, from Yann Gourvennec, Head of Digital and Internet at Orange

Interview: Olivier Blanchard

Olivier Blanchard on Like Minds, Integration and the next things in Social Media.

Interview: Yann Gourvennec

Yann Gourvennec from Orange Business Services talks frankly about his four key points on social media and engagement.

Olivier Blanchard: Operationalising Social Communications

How do we really get social media to work? Author and consultant Olivier Blanchard deliveries the master class in social media integration

Interview: Chris Brogan

What does it mean to be human in our social world? Where does the community really lie? Author Chris Brogan shares what he thinks is a “like minds” idea.

Joanne Jacobs: Emerging Trends in People-to-People Communication

In this fast changing word of techology, what platforms will we be still using in 5 years time? Professor Joanne Jacosb breaks down the numbers to draw a roadmap for the future.

Interview: Joanne Jacobs

How is Like Minds creating social space? Joanne Jacobs speaks about the future of social technolgies, and where Like Minds is winning with people.

John Bell: The CMO’s Dilemma

As Manager Director of Ogilvy PR, John Bell discusses the lessons that one of the world’s leading agencies have learned in the age of social engagement, and the challenge to CMO’s to think smarter than before.

Interview: Jon Akwue

Jon Akwue reflects on his keynote on hiphop and social media, and his work around people-to-people.

Interview: John Bell

Discussing how he approaches conferences, John Bell highlights why Like Minds was a success for him.

Jon Akwue: An Outsiders View of Social Media

Can social media decrease teenage pregnancies? Can we learn about technology from hip hop? Jon Akwue shares his outsider case studies on how social media can save lives.