10 Steps to Using Clubhouse Effectively.

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Optimise your profile picture.

Choose a profile picture that will make you stand out from the crowd. You want a picture that is going to catch the attention of the speakers and the audience in the room. When you choose a great profile picture you have more chances of getting picked to speak on stage.

Optimise the first three lines of your profile.

The first three lines of your bio are critical. You want to use words that are searchable and you want to use and say things that are going to make you stand out.

When a speaker brings you on stage it is a risk, so your bio gives the speaker an idea of what you are about and if they vibe with what you are saying. When a speaker brings you up on stage it puts their reputation on the line so you want to make sure your bio really says something awesome about you. People go onto the stage all the time and hijack the stage so you want to make sure your bio builds CONFIDENCE and TRUST.

Build out the rest of your profile.

If someone makes it through the first three lines of your bio you want to make sure the rest of your profile is built out nicely and displays a great representation of who you are and your goals and intentions. You do not want your profile to sound salesy or pitchy!

Connect your social media.

People use the connected social media to verify if you are actually legit because anyone can write anything in a Clubhouse bio.

Connecting your IG and Twitter is also a great way for people to further connect with you and build relationships.

Listen to learn not respond.

This is so important. Put yourself into rooms and go in and listen, follow, and get to know the speakers. Go slide into their DM’s or connect with them on other social media platforms.

Reach out and build relationships.

Learn how you can become relatable – relate to their story! If you want to build a real connection and get on stage with these highly influential people then you need to learn how you can relate to them where they are.

Seriously at this time, don’t ask them for anything, and definitely don’t ask to be brought on stage. To build relationships you could join in on their rooms every time they launch one. The more people see you listening the
more opportunity you have to be noticed.

Support the creators.

This is the time where you want to follow everything these people are doing. Go and engage with them on social media, sign up for their email list, buy their product if it makes sense, go and listen to their podcast. Whatever they have you want to be a part of it. Support them at whatever level you are capable of.

Contribute the way you’ve been asked too.

When the opportunity presents itself and you are brought on stage make sure you do exactly what the speaker or moderator asks you to do. If they ask you to ask the speakers a question then do that. If they ask you to share a tip then do that. But, don’t get on stage and make it all about you and your

This is how you will earn respect from the speakers who bring you on stage because they know you can follow simple instructions and do what you are asked. Be prepared when you go on stage and have your thoughts and questions ready and in alignment with the current conversation.

Go intro small rooms.

Engage on a more intimate level. These small rooms are magical because you have more opportunities to connect on a super intimate level. This is a great time to learn about the speakers on a personal level.

Consistently launch rooms.

Talk about your topic for your ideal audience. This does two things for you:

1. The way the Clubhouse algorithm works right now you never know who is going to pop into your room and hear you speak.

2. Launching a daily room helps you learn your voice so when you do have that big opportunity to get on stage you are fully prepared for those moments. So, when you are invited to the table, you show up like you earned not like you bought your way into the room.

Doing these two things help you gain a loyal dedicated audience of your own.

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