November 14th: How to Triple the Size of Your Company.

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2Y3X: How to triple the size of your company is a tightly focused morning conference for owners and business leaders. The conference follows from the sold-out Max Value: How to… events in 2017, 2018 and March and May 2019.

Felix Velarde

The event will be specifically relevant to owners, CEOs, MDs and COOs, as well as VC portfolio managers, of companies with £1.5m to £6m in revenue.

This important event focuses on the 2Y3X methodology for delivering very fast growth – 40-70% year on year – which doubles or triples revenue over a two year period. The processes are straightforward to understand and designed to build coherence in your senior team.

The speakers will discuss their methods, processes and outcomes, sharing how each strategic element works in practice so you can use it yourself. You will come away with an understanding of industry-leading methodologies, and with three powerhouse speakers you’ll learn more about:

  1. How to build towards maximum exit value
  2. Leadership fundamentals
  3. How to develop an ambitious strategy map and build team buy-in
  4. How to use 2Y3X principles to triple revenue

There are an extremely limited number of tickets available and the audience will be 80% company leaders and owners with a small number of additional places for VC firms. You will be able to network with your fellow leaders during the break and after the panel session.

Thursday, November 14th, 8.45am – 12.30pm, at The Curtain Club, Shoreditch.

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Heavyweight speaker sessions

How to apply 2Y3X principles to triple revenue

The process for driving rapid agency growth. Industry-leading chairman Felix Velarde will show you how to double or triple your company’s revenue in twenty-four months.

How leaders can make VC-backed companies thrive

Frank Kelcz, VC and former Partner at Collider and DN Capital, and international expansion specialist, will show how leaders in VC-backed scale-ups can transform sales and accelerate towards their next funding round.

How to drive up your company’s valuation

Speaker TBC will discuss the main criteria used for valuing companies, whether in the run-up to exit or the next funding round, and how to maximise your company’s valuation.

Industry-leading speakers

Felix Velarde

Felix Velarde is a specialist agency chairman and non-exec who doubles or triples his agencies’ revenue in two years. Following a twenty-two year career as a pioneering agency CEO, Felix has chaired more than a dozen stellar, fast-growth agencies including five-times Agency of the Year winner Impero. He specialises in frameworks for exceptional growth, and is passionate about teaching CEOs and owners how to do it for themselves. Felix is also the UK lead for Vint Cerf’s People-Centered Internet coalition.


Frank Kelcz

Frank’s long and illustrious career includes some of the biggest publishing launches in history for companies including Ziff-Davis and Bertelsmann G&J. Since then he’s been a Partner or Venture Partner at several VC firms including DN Capital, SEB, Pitango and advertising and martech specialist Collider.

Frank has worked in the US, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and the UK, and specialises in international expansion and technology start-ups and scale-ups.


This is an incredibly important event for leaders and those concerned with driving up company value. Tickets are strictly limited and priced in tiers to encourage early booking. These events always sell out.

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