3 Ways To Boost Energy When Working From Home.

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As companies turned to cloud computing and flexible hours, it was estimated that as many as 50% of workers would operate from home come 2020, a figure that’s only risen in light of recent events.

Now, even individuals who had no imminent plans to work from home are doing so, and many experts predict this shift could become permanent. At least, it will if companies can weather the current storm while also overcoming the technology teething issues and productivity problems that seem prevalent right now.

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This latter goes directly against claims that home working can increase productivity by 13% or more, but it’s hardly surprising considering the speed with which this shift has happened. Left without the structure of commutes, colleagues, etc. many individuals are finding it difficult to achieve the energy levels, and thus concentration, that they previously brought to their roles.

If you’re one of them, bear in mind that there are a fair few ways to boost your energy even in the home environment, and we’re going to consider them here. For example, Maeng Da is typically used to gain focus, clarity, and energy, which is perhaps why this strain is so popular. Other Kratom variants are usually used for pain or improved quality of sleep. 

Remember the importance of routine

If the loss of your work-place routine is behind your lack of productivity, then it follows that a new, home-based routine can overcome this setback. It’s easy to slip into bad habits such as lying in, working late and even staying in your pyjamas when you don’t have to head each day, but that’s a sure way to drain your energy. Instead, try to stick to an energy-boosting routine. Wake up at a decent time, take time out for breakfast, and always get dressed!

Don’t forget to move

Remember, too, that the more you move, the more energetic you’re going to feel. If you roll right out of bed into your chair and don’t get up through the day, it’s no surprise that you feel like a zombie. Instead, make an effort to incorporate regular movement.

Countless home workers find that taking a daily walk first thing or after work can help here, or you may want to get stuck in with desk exercises. Either way, shaking off those sleepy feelings with a gentle workout is sure to see you sitting back down with better energy levels, and increased focus as a result.

Can’t cut out that caffeine

Your office arrivals likely used to go hand in hand with a cup of coffee to get the day started. As well as tying in with that all-important routine, caffeine in moderation can be a fantastic pick-me-up.

As such, don’t be afraid to brew those beans with your morning breakfast, and perhaps again at lunch (investing in a coffee percolator will also increase productivity tenfold). This will likely fill you with as much energy as a bustling office would have, and is a sure way to get through your to-do list without feeling sleepy.

Undeniably, your outlook is going to need to change if you want to find energy reserves when working from home. But, as you can see, this goal is easy enough to achieve if you put your mind to it.

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