3 Ways Your Business Can Utilise Smartphone Technology.

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Smartphones are part and parcel of modern life. No matter where you turn your head, there’ll be someone glued to their phone. It’s somewhat worrying, but there are definite advantages to life with a smart device in your pocket. 

Furthermore, smartphone technology has opened up a whole new world for businesses. Companies can now harness the power of mobile devices to engage new audiences and grow their company. In fact, a significant aspect of your marketing strategy needs to be dedicated to mobile devices.

Of course, there are plenty of things to think about with regards to this topic. How can your company utilise the power of smartphones to grow your brand? There are lots of suggestions out there, but some are much better than others. Below, you’ll find the best ways to start taking advantage of the fantastic smartphone technology available to you:

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Create an app

Naturally, creating an app is the place to start. Apps have been around for some time, and they’re very effective at growing your brand and tapping into the mobile audience. The beauty of a business app is that you put yourself in the pocket of customers and consumers. You’re with them wherever they go – which sounds creepy, but it’s perfect when marketing your business and trying to boost sales.

There are plenty of ways you can create an app for your business, and many avenues you can go down. More often than not, companies choose one of the following categories:

  • An app that acts as a mobile store 
  • An app that acts as a tool customers can use

With the first option, you’re basically turning your online store into an app. This works perfectly if you have an online business that sells products on the web. Your app makes it easier for people to buy things from their mobile devices. In turn, this means you have more chances of making sales as people could buy something while they’re on the train, rather than waiting until they get home. In the time it takes someone to get home, they may forget about making a purchase or decide against it. Your app ensures they can make a swift decision!

Additionally, you can use your app to offer people special promotions. A lot of companies have discounted prices for app-users, or they give you a discount code when you download the app. This is a genius way to encourage people to download your app, meaning you’re in their pockets! From here, you can use push notifications to promote new releases or convince customers to make a purchase. It’s a very easy way of alerting a customer to a new deal that relates to previous purchases. As such, there’s a high chance they’ll come back for another product.

The second option provides people with a handy tool they can use. A great example of this is IKEA Place. This is an app developed by IKEA that takes advantage of augmented reality technology. Here, people can download the app, then use it to visualise what different pieces of IKEA furniture look like in their home. You view your room through your phone camera, and you place the furniture in the room through the app. The video below explains this better than writing it ever will:

Effectively, they’ve created a tool that people can use. It’s a smart way of getting people to go to IKEA and shop there. You’re more likely to buy something if you know that it will fit and suit your home. It gives them an advantage over other homeware companies, which is something you can learn from.

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Instagram & Snapchat Filters

These days, everyone uses either Instagram or Snapchat. Both of these two apps are two of the most popular social media platforms around right now. You can take advantage of this by developing filters for Instagram or Snapchat.

What are filters? Basically, they’re augmented images or things that appear when people are using the camera within either of the apps. Mainly, people use them when taking selfies. There’s a very interesting article called Why Youth Culture Influences Smartphone Brands that speak about how the younger generation is influencing things in the mobile industry, and selfies were one of the main things they brought about. So, if you’re targetting a younger audience, then creating selfie filters is such a genius way of growing your brand.

In essence, it’s a way of advertising your company. You pay to have your filters loaded up, and users can choose them whenever they like. They will then post pictures to their stories or send them to friends, and your brand will be in them. It’s a clever way of spreading brand awareness and making people more aware that your company exists. If you’re going to advertise to the younger generation, this is arguably the most cost-effective advertising method.

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Text Messages

Finally, we’ll end with a straightforward idea that’s not technologically advanced at all. Businesses should take full advantage of text message marketing. The idea is simple, you send texts to your customers or leads, informing them of any new deals or things that might interest them. They’re more likely to be opened than marketing emails, so there’s more chance you’ll make conversions.

The key to text messaging is to be sporadic with it. If you keep sending message after message, you will end up getting blocked. People can get really annoyed by persistent spam messages – don’t do this to them. Pick and choose your moments; texting before a big sale is a smart idea to get lots of attention. Texting about the release of a new product/service is also a great idea. When used correctly, this has the potential to draw in lots of new sales for your business.

It’s evident that smartphone technology has opened the door to new opportunities for modern business. If you’re looking to grow your brand and make more sales, then you must start utilising mobile devices. Start by developing an app, create filters for popular social media apps, and use text message marketing.

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