4 Steps To A More Eco-Friendly Business.

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So if you own or manage a business in 2019, you know that it is our responsibility to ensure that our companies are running as eco-friendly as possible. Scientists all agree that the environment is suffering, and climate change is going to cause some problems for us soon.

And it is easy to reduce emissions or cut down on waste. Especially when we are so focused on ensuring that our businesses are thriving. But we all know it’s the correct thing to do, and that we should all make an effort when it comes to helping the environment. But where do we start? And what steps can we take to ensure that we have an eco-friendly business?

Marketing materials

Modern marketing tools mostly consist of online or digital media. However, there are a large number of businesses that are still needing to print and send promotional print work to potential and existing customers.

Sometimes this is unavoidable, primarily if your business success relies on it. However, there are some green promo ideas that you can follow and reduce the impact That’s a business has on the environment without spending more money or time. Marketing materials can be lengthy and take up a lot of resources.

So this is an area we need to consider cutting down on to start with, and if not, then using recycled or recyclable materials at the very least. Responsible recycling when it comes to access marketing materials, or articles we receive from other businesses, is going to help the environment.

This not only gives you a good sense of achievement, but many authorities, and cities have targets that companies must aim for. Making better choices in this respect really can help you help the environment.

Cutting Down On Travel

Traveling unnecessarily can add to global emissions through the pollution that cars, airplanes, and trains give out. So considering whether that business trip is actually needed, and if there is an alternative way of setting up a meeting with people not nearby, such as conference calling and group emails, is a great way to become more eco-friendly.

Of course, it’s unavoidable at times, and you should consider whether it will harm your business to make too many drastic changes, however, once you have thought it through, you may find that airfare, and a taxi ride may not be as necessary as you imagined.

There is an alternative, and there are car companies that are now set up that are purely electrically powered. This obviously reduces the amount of fossil fuel used, and electric cars like Teslas are becoming much more common than they used to be. This is a good step in the right direction, and if most businesses take a step in the right direction, then we can make an impact.

Going Digital

Was that letter you sent actually necessary? Or could it have been an email or a quick phone call? Many of us are choosing to go paperless when it comes to our bank statements and other bills through the post, but extending this into our office environment is actually very important.

Reducing the cutting down of trees, and making sure that we are only using responsibly Sourced materials can go an awful long way. With all of the software and tools that we have at our disposal now, there shouldn’t be many people that you have to communicate with via paper.

Keeping track of sales, accounts, and backing up important documents can all be done via computers and the cloud. You can choose fair trade coffee and ethically sourced materials, which can go an awful long way. With all of the software and tools that we have at our disposal now, there shouldn’t be many people that you have to communicate with via paper.

Keeping track of sales, accounts, and backing up relevant documents can all be actioned via computers and the cloud. You can have a local copy and a cloud copy of any material so that you don’t end up losing the information, but paperwork in files really isn’t necessary for 2019. 


All of these potential eco-friendly ideas can be backed up with a little bit of thought. Every time you have something to dispose of, take a step back and work out if it is recyclable or not; if you have a meeting planned again take action back and wonder if you really need to get on the train or not?

If you’re buying in materials, then look at where those materials are sourced from, and the impact on the environment these products may have. Every step of the way, there is advice available for you. From making decisions to information on where you can recycle, you aren’t going to need much time to find the information.

Becoming more eco-friendly is on everyone’s minds, and even just doing a little bit of research and making small changes can impact the environment in a big way. Businesses are putting their money where their mouth is more often than not now, and investing in changes to the structure and the material used all the time.

So why not be a pioneer in your area? And lead by example. Consumers are looking at which businesses are environmentally friendly now, and companies who have thought about this process, and are making positive changes, are going to be more successful than those who are falling short.

We are currently on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to being eco-friendly in business. But there are definitely professionals that can help you are available. We can also learn from the mistakes of others, and work out what we need to do to move forward positively when it comes to the environment.

There are always improvements to make, and until we receive news that climate change and the environment Are fully repaired, we need to do our best. As business owners, we need to drive this, and taking the steps will certainly help if nothing else.