5 Creative Ways to Find New Talent.

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Today’s job market is very competitive. Sure, you will find thousands of job seekers actively looking for jobs out there. However, you will compete with several companies to find the best ones amongst them. Looking for the best talents requires a combination of creativity and diligence. As a company with plenty of job openings, you need to be creative in attracting job seekers to find your dream hire. 

Here are five creative ways to find new talent.

  1. Go to Job Fairs and Events 

Career fairs are some of the best places to find the best employees. These events appeal to a wide variety of job candidates, giving you access to countless job seekers in one place. The best thing about job fairs is you will have unprecedented access to a steady flow of job seekers. Aside from meeting aspiring professionals, these events offer opportunities to network with other recruiters and boost your brand awareness.

Proper preparation is the key when looking for the top talents at career fairs. First, send your best recruitment team. They should be engaging, outgoing, and personable. Best of all, they should know the ins and outs of your business and be a perfect representation of your company. Next, organise the paperwork you might need, such as advertising pamphlets, sign-in sheets, etc. You must also know who the audiences are at the job fair. Some fairs cater to college grads, while others cater to specific niches. Research the type of people who might be attending the career fair, so you’ll know how to attract them to your job openings. 

One of the best ways to attract talents at job fairs is to decorate your booth. Make your booth as attractive as possible so that people will be interested in checking it out. You can also give little freebies or treats to attract potential candidates.

  1. Use Your Digital Platforms 

In this day and age of the internet, the best way to reach out to potential talents is through social media. So, use your digital platforms when searching and looking for new talents to hire. Research shows that almost three-quarters of workers between 18 to 34 have found their most recent jobs through social media. In addition, 90% of recruiters revealed that they hired most employees from LinkedIn.

Organisations with well-structured digital platforms can showcase their company culture and reach the best talents. For many employers, social media channels are the best source of high-quality job applications. That’s because social media hiring allows recruiters to target their audience better and reach out to passive job seekers. These are job seekers are those not actively looking for job opportunities but are open to a better offer. They don’t look around for jobs. However, they tend to check out career sites for better opportunities. 

Using your digital platform for recruiting can save you both time and money. Those who use social media for hiring spend fewer resources on hiring new candidates and can fill vacant positions faster than those who use other recruitment channels.

  1. Find Specialised Recruiters 

Using specialist recruiters is the best way to find the best talents in your industry. They operate solely in one industry. Thus, they are familiar with your industry and can help you find the best candidates to fill the positions your company needs. There are also recruitment specialists that are generalists and have no specific specialism. Do some online research to find your best recruiting team.

Specialist recruiters can provide you with full support when it comes to hiring new employees. They communicate with employers and job seekers to find out what job vacancies are available and who are the best candidates to fill these vacancies. Specialist recruiters can help ease the burden that comes with hiring new talents. Whether you need to fill an urgent position or mass hire, specialist recruiters can help you with this. 

Searching for the best candidates in your industry may not be easy, and it’s rare to find high-quality candidates in a competitive job market. With the professional expertise of specialist recruiters, they can help you find high-quality candidates. In addition, they have access to a vast pool of talent in your industry, which means you’ll have access to the best candidates.

  1. Get the Whole Team Involved 

Once you have the potential candidates, get the entire team involved in the interview process. Meeting team interviews is also an opportunity for candidates to meet their potential coworkers. The hiring manager can schedule this meeting, where the team can measure the candidate’s skills while determining how well the candidate can work with everyone in the group.

While the usual interviews focus on the experiences and skills of the candidates, meeting the team interviews is designed to measure the candidate’s collaboration skills and teamwork. In most cases, it’s the final step in the firing process and can also be used to narrow down potential candidates. 

After the interview, the hiring manager will meet with the team members and gather feedback about the potential candidates. The feedback can serve as the basis for whether to hire the candidate or not.

  1. Focus on Branding 

Focus on your branding when looking for the best talents to hire. Demonstrating why your company is an ideal place to work is an essential part of your recruitment strategy. According to a  LinkedIn report, companies need to invest more in branding, as it can play an important role in hiring the best talents. 

Employer branding is essential as it’s your company’s business identity. It defines your company as a good employer, making you stand out from the top talents in your industry. In addition, your branding can also help your recruitment team in attracting the talent pool of applicants.

The best places to build your branding are through your LinkedIn page and corporate website. If users have a poor experience in the career section of your website, this could affect your company’s reputation. When this happens, you can’t expect to receive applications from the top talents in your industry.

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