5 Free Tools To Improve Your Website.

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Every business wants to have the best website going, from the design to the SEO and the content. There’s plenty to think about when it comes to improving your website, but thankfully there are some excellent free tools to offer support.

1 . Google Analytics 

Google Analytics works by applying a tracking code to your website code. The tracking code serves to record user activity when people visit your site. As well as activity, Google records demographics such as interests, age, and gender. The data is sent to Google Analytics which then analyzes the data according to clicks, video views, actions by the user, pages visited, and individual visits. Using data and user behavior, businesses can see what is and what isn’t working on their sites, and seek to make improvements.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an excellent resource to analyze SEO, and facilitate improvement. Using this tool you’ll gain info on page rankings, keyword data, and page traffic. With Search Console, you can access index and crawl info, plus you can submit sitemaps. It’s often used simultaneously with Google Analytics and other Google products.

3. Screaming Frog

This tool works by crawling your site and helping with SEO audits. Crawlers work by indexing your site’s content to boost it’s chances of showing up in search engine results. With the free version you can crawl as many as 500 pages, and find out if you have any errors or redirects. Using Screaming Frog you can analyze meta data and page titles, generate sitemaps, find duplicate content or review directives and robots.

4. Answer The Public

Answer The Public works to provide handy questions and phrases related to your keywords. It’s excellent to gain consumer insight to create the amazing content that consumers want. The idea is to offer a deeper understanding of how people search.

Using Answer The Public, you can access all the questions you would have never dreamed that people were searching for! Brands are always under pressure to create engaging content. With this tool, you’ll revamp your content and improve your website.

5. I Can Rank

I Can Rank is an SEO software tool which provides recommended actions, based on data. Using the software you can gain an understanding of the logic behind rankings, and apply this knowledge to your pages. The tool allows you to access customized keyword research, including looking at the words which your competitors are targeting. With this tool, you won’t just get insightful data, you’ll learn plenty that can help you boost your marketing skills. 

Improving your website

Your website is one of the most important tools to increase your success. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s advisable to invest in custom web design. While it’s fully possible to create your own website, with so much competition out there, it pays to get a professional touch.

In 2020, brands are prioritising video content on their websites, including animated videos and employee-generated content. Videos are associated with converting more frequently than other content, which is why so many brands are making this move.

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