5 Programming Languages Businesses Should Use.

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Programming languages are the foundation for the various tools businesses in every industry use today. These languages are the backbone of computer systems, programs, applications, and everyday business tools. Without them, the modern business world would not be what it is today. 

Given the many programming languages today, how do you know which of these are suitable for your business? Below, check out the top five programming languages businesses should use.

  1. Java – C++ 

When it comes to the best multi-platform language, Java is a great choice. The programming language was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and acquired by Oracle later on. Java is one of the world’s most used programming languages. It’s used in various projects across different platforms, from desktop computers to mobile phones. 

Java has a significant advantage compared to other languages and environments, making it suitable for any programming task. It’s also easy to learn, use, write, debug, etc. In addition, it’s object-oriented, which means it allows you to create modular programs easily. Best of all, Java can move from one computer system to another. Due to Java’s ease of use, robustness, and cross-platform capabilities, it has become the number one computer language of choice, providing the best internet solutions worldwide.

Java has a presence in various fields, like finance, e-commerce, and several other industries, mainly due to its robust security features. It is being used for Android apps, big data projects, web applications, IoT projects, enterprise apps, desktop apps, etc. As a multipurpose computer language, Java can be helpful regardless of the platform or project.

  1. Python 

Python is often on top of the list of the world’s best computer programming languages. It offers a good range of open-source libraries for image recognition, data science, and several others. Moreover, Python is used widely by popular apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

Python is a high-level computer programming language with clear and easy syntax, making it easy to learn. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for beginners in programming. Since it emphasises readability, coding with Python is easy. Furthermore, Python is the world’s fastest-growing language. Its high-level and object-oriented construction makes it suitable for all software solutions. In addition, Python’s emphasis on program modularity, syntax readability, and code reusability increases development speed, while keeping maintenance costs low.

One of the best features of Python is that it supports packages and modules. Both things have made it easier for Python developers to reuse codes on different projects. Naturally, it’s a great way to increase productivity and save time and effort when working with the programming language.

  1. C++ 

The best programming language for businesses involved in game development is C++. Used widely in game applications, C++ applies can also be used for a wide range of products, from GUI applications to data analytics. As one of the best programming languages for business, it is used by some of the world’s top companies, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, NASA, Microsoft, Google, Opera, and more. 

C++ is a computer programming language that’s been around for forty years and has been a part of various software projects. It’s a preferred language for high-performance software, supporting several programming methods. Many companies that develop 3D games have relied on people in C++ jobs or developer positions, something that is essential for companies seeking experts in this language. It is one of the best choices for gaming for decades as it can add complex elements to gaming systems.

Perhaps, the best feature of C++ is that it’s highly scalable. Therefore, resource-intensive apps usually come with it. As a statically typed language, C++ is more performant than dynamically typed since the code is type-checked before being executed. You will have control over how your app utilises resources while taking up a small number of resources. Since it can perform well in the right hands, enterprises use C++ in coding functions with a critical reliance on resource usage and speed.

  1. JavaScript  

What makes JavaScript stand out from the other computer programming languages is that it’s a front-end language used mainly for developing front-end interactive applications. JavaScript is useful for business because it can efficiently run server-side and client-side scripts. It can create web page content before transferring it to a web browser. Its high-quality control, speed, and frameworks are some of its best features. 

Today, JavaScript is one of the world’s best computer programming languages, thanks to its omnipresence and performance. JavaScript is the ideal choice if you’re looking to start learning computer programming languages. Used by millions of developers, JavaScript is fairly easy to learn. Compared to other languages, you do not need to navigate through a complicated syntax to write basic programs, making it a perfect choice for beginners who want to learn to code. 

Another reason JavaScript is a perfect choice of programming language for businesses is there are plenty of resources available. You will find hundreds of tutorials, books, and online resources to help you navigate the language. In case you get stuck, you can find millions of other developers who would be happy to help since the JavaScript community is one of the most active in the world.

  1. Ruby 

Ruby is the computer programming language used by many big companies. Web developers usually use this language for the backend. It’s suitable for rapid operations since the language is quite time-efficient. In addition, it’s stable and allows developers predict outcomes. 

Ruby is used mainly for building web applications and is used for several programming projects. It’s often used in data processing, building servers, crawling, and web scraping. Some of the most popular frameworks run by Ruby is Ruby on Rails. Released in 2004, Ruby on Rails made the language easier to use, which is one reason developers at various start-ups use Ruby in developing their applications.

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and most operating systems. Its flexible approach to solving problems is one of the features that many programmers appreciate. One of the best things about Ruby is that its syntax is similar to English, making it easy to learn and use by many English speakers. The program is free and open source, with many users sharing improvements and ideas about using the computer language.

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