5 Ways A Blog Can Boost Your Business.

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Starting a business blog could do wonders for your business. By offering industry-related news and tips to readers, you could increase website traffic and even generate more customers. Here are just five reasons to start a business blog

Attract more visitors through search engines

If you want more visitors to stumble across your site via search engines, a blog is a great SEO tool for doing this. Websites that are constantly updated with new content tend to rank more highly than websites that are rarely updated – a blog allows you to keep adding new content, potentially boosting your rankings. It’s also possible to add lots of keywords into this content that can help direct new visitors to your site. Each new blog post can also effectively serve as a new doorway to your site. All in all, you’ll generate more search engine listings and higher rankings for your site.

Attract more visitors through social media

By sharing blog posts on social media, you can also attract more visitors to your site via these social media platforms. Blog posts give you something else to post on social media when you’re struggling for content, helping to keep your followers engaged. These shared blog posts can also be promoted as a way of attracting new followers. 

Show off your knowledge in your field

Blog posts allow you to share your knowledge. By proving that you know your stuff, you can build the trust of potential customers. Such blog posts can also serve as friendly and free advice to readers – your willingness to help strangers can further endear potential customers to you.

Generate new leads

Blog posts could result in new leads – and new customers. Someone seeking advice via one of your blog posts could happen to also be interested in your products or services. In fact, you could find that many readers go on to take a browse your site. Turning blog posts into leads involve a good content marketing strategy. This guide Content Marketing Strategy Checklist – 12 Steps To Launch Your Next Campaign, offers more tips on developing such a strategy. You could find that it has a very positive impact on your sales. 

Develop cross-promotional opportunities

You can also use a blog to develop cross-promotional strategies with other businesses. Cross-promotion involves promoting another company in exchange for them promoting you back. You could share another company’s blog post on social media and they could share one of your blog posts in return, allowing you to both benefits from exposure to each other’s following.

Alternatively, you could write guest content on one another’s blog or promote one another’s businesses to each other’s blogs. This guide Cross-Promote Your Small Business Blog Content offers more tips on this subject. Make sure that you don’t cross-promote with a direct competitor – instead, try to find a company within your industry that offers different services to you so that there’s no conflict of interest. 

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