5 Ways An Unclean Office Can Harm Your Business.

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Is your office in need of a thorough clean? Dirt and clutter could be doing more damage to your business than you realise. Here are just ways in which an unclean office can harm your business.

It sets a bad first impression for customers

Customers may be driven away if they walk into your office and see overflowing bins and dirty carpets. It suggests that you don’t care about your business and that you may not care about your customers.

It’s not just the interior that can have this impression but also the exterior – paying for commercial window cleaning and keeping any signage clean could be important for ensuring that customers aren’t driven away before they’ve each reached the door. Focus on keeping any areas where customers congregate pristine.

It could encourage negative feedback

If customers find your premises to be dirty, they may leave negative reviews online. This itself could lead to a further loss of customers by damaging your online reputation. On top of losing customers, you may even find that you struggle to attract decent applicants if there are negative reviews. Make sure to preserve your reputation by keeping your office clean.

It could be making you and your employees sick

Sick building syndrome is a problem that affects many companies. If an office is too dusty or if there are too much bacteria, it can lead to frequent illness among you and your employees. With more employees taking time off sick, you can expect your company’s productivity to be down.

For this reason, you should make sure that you’re not just cleaning areas of your office that customers see – the areas that your employees use are just as important. Improving ventilation in your office and keeping equipment such as keyboards and computers clean could help to prevent employees getting sick.

It could be affecting work concentration

Our brains don’t concentrate well when surrounded by clutter and mess. Tidying up your office could be essential for helping you and your employees to focus on your work. Take steps to stop rubbish piling up on desks by placing bins under every desk and consider digitising paper files (this will also make dusting surfaces easier).

It could be damaging your equipment

High dust levels can also damage your equipment – particularly machinery such as computers. Dust may get inside your computer and cause it to overheat. It’s one of the most common causes of computers crashing. Keeping your office ventilated and dusting surfaces regularly could help to prevent this from happening.

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