7 Ways To Go Greener As A Business.

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Running a business arrives with a social responsibility to assess your impact on the environment. Becoming a greener operation is not just beneficial for the planet but for branding yourself as an ethical company. For those looking to improve their efforts in going green, here are seven simple ways to do so.

1. Switch your energy provider

Switching to a renewable energy source allows your business to both go green and save money too. Solar energy is becoming a popular choice for many companies and households. Solar panels are installed upon the roof of a building and work to harness energy from the sun.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that are placed between layers of silicone or other semiconducting materials. When photons from sunlight hit the panels, an electric field is created. Wind turbines are another viable solution for those companies looking for a renewable energy package. 

2. Improve recycling practices

Putting in place a thorough recycling scheme is an easy way to go greener as a business. Get separate bins for food waste, plastic, paper, and cardboard to ensure that everything possible is recycled. In addition to this, review your waste management practices overall. Every company has a responsibility to ensure that waste is dealt with safely. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to invest in a good waste removal company.

3. Go Paperless

Going paperless can help your business to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Using cloud computing solutions make it easy to reduce the need for paper within your business.

Cloud computing software can allow staff to collaborate seamlessly on projects as well as manage their relationships with customers. Efforts to go paperless will also reduce the costs of purchasing and running printers.

4. Update your equipment

Updating the equipment in your office can allow you to choose appliances and machines that are the most energy-efficient. Use LED lighting as opposed to traditional bulbs.

These are more sustainable and will also help you to save on your energy bills. Make sure that your computers, printers, and kitchen appliances are all energy star rating products.

5. Remote working

Allowing employees to work from home can help your business to go greener via making savings on utilities and space. With a strong cloud computing system, that’s secure and easily monitored, remote working is a more efficient solution than ever before.

Permitting remote workers also enables you to be more flexible with your hiring. When you don’t have to restrict your hiring to one location, you’ll be choosing from a wider pool of talent.

6. Review your suppliers

It’s all very well and good attempting to reduce your own carbon footprint- but are your suppliers doing the same? If you want to be more eco-friendly as a business, it’s a good plan to work with suppliers who are also concerned with earth-friendly materials and business practices. Begin by assessing the suppliers where you buy your office materials. Make a switch if these suppliers don’t appear to be green.

7. Transport incentives

Offering a cycle to work scheme can be a great way to help your business to reduce its carbon footprint as a whole. For many, the idea of cycling to work isn’t that appealing,  yet offering incentives can motivate your employees to get on board! Once a good routine is established, the greener habits become second nature.

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