9 Fun Ways To Tell Your Brand Story.

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Being able to tell your brand story in a fun and engaging way is crucial for numerous reasons. Not only will it help you to build your brand and make you more desirable in the eyes of your customers, it’ll help you to remember your ‘why’. A strong ‘why’ lies behind every successful business – yet, many business owners tend to forget theirs somewhere down the line! 

Here, you’ll find 9 ways to tell your own brand story. Take a look and see what you can do to ensure your brand story is as authentic, fun, and engaging as possible. 

  1. Show People That You Understand What Their Unique Problems Are 

The biggest challenge that many brands face is telling the right story to the right person. One message simply won’t work for everyone, so you need to show people that you understand what their unique problems are in a way that works well. For example, is there one, simple problem that you solve that could work for everybody? Or would you benefit from creating numerous consumer personas and then creating various types of marketing for each one? 

  1. Ask A Powerful Question

Asking a powerful and somewhat unusual question the moment a customer lands on your site is a brilliant way to grab their attention, and fast. This could even create a personal connection right from the get-go. Make them think. Make them ask themselves the question. They could develop a liking to your brand in an instant! 

  1. Turn Negatives Into Positives

People may be apprehensive about working with your brand for the first time. Most people are apprehensive about working with a brand for the first time! Think of the negatives they could think of and then figure out how to turn them into positives. If you are more expensive than your competitors, for instance, make sure you actually acknowledge this in your marketing copy and let it be known why. Do you pay more attention to the quality of your products? What do you offer that similar companies do not? 

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  1. Get Professional Advice 

There’s nothing quite like getting professional advice if you’re not entirely sure of how to tell your brand story. Working with a presentation design agency could help you to tailor your stories and make connections like never before. Investing in professional advice will always help to propel you further. 

  1. Turn Something Boring Into Something Entertaining 

Is there a way you can turn something traditionally boring into something entertaining? For instance, confirmation emails – we like to receive them because it shows us that our orders will soon be on the way, but is there anything truly exciting about them? Not really. However, you could use this as a new way to tell your brand story – see if you can make people smile with your copy! In this way, even the most mundane communication can become an entertaining extension of your brand story.

  1. Give Away Something Extra And Unexpected

Provide your audience with something extra and unexpected. This could be a blog full of entertaining tips, or even a free magazine. 

  1. Encourage User Generated Content 

User-generated content is beneficial, as social proof helps others to see that your business can be trusted. It also shows people enjoying your product, and gives people multiple ideas on how to use/wear it. Perhaps you could have monthly competitions to encourage photographs for your social pages. 

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  1. Be Human

If you want to be a brand that people relate and feel a connection to, it’s so important to be human. How can your brand ‘be human’ when it’s not a human, it’s a business? Easy – ask people who know your brand who it would be if it were a person. This is a really fun way to strengthen your business branding, create a brand voice, come up with imagery, and more. 

Would your brand be a sweet little old lady, a sassy young teen, or a business man with a sense of humor? Try to come up with a persona for your brand in as much rich detail as possible. Young and bold, wise and experienced – your business can be anything you want it to be. Just make sure it’s human. 

Align your brand with an existing archetype and you will enhance your brand story tenfold. All you then have to do is maintain the persona you have created. 

  1. Design Your Brand Story To Be Shared

For any brand story to be well-loved and recognised, it should be shared. Everything your business puts out is an opportunity for commonality among people. People share content because it makes them think, feel, or smile. Is your content doing those things? Does your content help others to define themselves and let others know about it? 

Perhaps you could even create content that provides positive validation to your consumers. Your brand should empower your customers to tell a story that they already want to tell. If you can do any of these things, you have a much better chance of your story being shared again and again – and your brand being remembered. Once you’ve created a brand your customers love they will look forward to what you will do next and stay up to date. 

Are you ready to tell your brand story now? You don’t have to tell your brand story in a samey, monotone, boring way. Forget that. That’s not what people want anymore! Yes your business should be professional and reliable, but you don’t have to be boring.

Be fun. Be exciting. Have a sense of humour! That’s what people want to see these days, and this is the kind of thing that is going to help them to build a connection with you. Using the 9 fun ways to tell your brand story above, you should be able to engage your audience, strengthen your brand, and keep people thinking about your brand. Leave any of your thoughts and advice below. Thanks for reading!

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