A Quick Guide To Resolving Conflict In the Workplace.

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Resolving issues in the workplace quickly is one of the best things you can do as a manager or boss. Letting arguments and resentment linger for too long will cause many problems in the long term. Knowing how to nip these issues in the bud as fast as possible will be one of the most effective things you can do.

Expect Conflict

You shouldn’t wait until there is conflict to figure out how to solve it. Expect conflict. When people work closely together for so long, tension is bound to build up. By preparing as early on as possible, you’ll be equipped when the time comes.

Listen Carefully

You must give your complete attention to those who have the conflict. Make sure you listen to each party carefully – pay attention to both what they are saying and what they are not saying. You should also clarify with them that you understand by repeating back to them what they have said in your own words. You absolutely must make sure that you’re on the same page.


Perhaps one of your team has approached you and told you that you’re actually doing something to upset them. Make sure you listen sincerely and with an open mind. Apologizing and being genuine with it is key. However, you must also plan to change your behaviour moving forward.

Resolving conflict issues in the workplace can be difficult, but it’s essential if you want your business to continue growing. The infographic below can explain how a mediator may be able to help the situation.

credit to Norwich University

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