Advertising In a Pandemic: 4 Creative Ways To Market Your Business During COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on businesses from big to small, and since it’s likely that your sales have decreased over the last year or so, you’re probably looking for innovative and creative ways to reach more potential customers with your marketing.

As lockdown begins to ease and normal life resumes, many people will be more open to spending money after months of staying inside and saving. Use this to your advantage with a solid marketing strategy that encourages customers to visit your business as soon as they are able to do so. Here are 4 creative ways to market your business during the pandemic:

Refresh Your Website

If your business is currently closed, then you have the perfect opportunity to review all of your current marketing pages- and as your website is essentially the online face of your business, then it’s worth taking a look at what can be done to give it a refresh.

Make sure that any new services you offer have been added in, and consider improving your site’s SEO so that more people can find your business. Implementing blog posts, newsletters and new images are also great ways to bring a new lease of life to your website.

Make Use Of Banners And Signs

It can often seem as if online advertising is the be all and end all, but traditional advertising methods shouldn’t be overlooked. If your business has its own storefront, then an eye-catching banner or sign can do more for your business than online advertising alone could do.

You could consider a lamp post banner to allow your business to be seen from the busiest streets in your city. Discount Displays offer high-quality banner printing, from lamp post banners to hanging banners in a selection of different materials. They also offer custom printed eco-friendly offers for businesses who are more environmentally conscious.

Regularly Update Your Social Business’ Media Accounts

Since many people are currently furloughed from work, there has never been a more important time to use social media for your company’s marketing purposes. Although paid ads are a great way to increase the exposure of your business, you can also implement all the free strategies that can be used to get yourself seen by more people.

Using hashtags relevant to your business as well as location tags are two methods which can help people from your local area to find out about your business, and make sure you post regularly so that your account has more chance of showing up on people’s feeds.

Check In With Existing Customers

With all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, you should be clear with your customers about whether you’re still open at the moment, as well as informing them of what strategies you’re taking to stay COVID safe. You can reassure customers that your business isn’t going anywhere by sending regular email updates, running surveys, and sharing posts on social media.

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