Alan Moore: Let’s Upgrade Business to a Human OS.

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About this Talk.

Alan Moore, Author of “No Straight Lines”, and founder of SMLXL, discusses the need to upgrade business to a human OS, and maps out a navigation guide to a better business future. The world isn’t flat and no line is straight.

In exploring this basic principle, Alan has taken a firm grasp of the significant and disruptive trends which are currently reshaping our world. Through his most recent project No Straight Lines: making sense of our non-linear world, where he believes everything is a mashup and there are no longer any clear boundaries, Alan has interpreted these complex themes into something we all need to more fully understand, exposing the ever-shifting nature of how we operate and deal with the world around us.

Alan’s latest book on this will form the platform from which he will share this important insight at Like Minds. Get ready for a ride of case studies, anecdotes, revelations, to have your perceptions tested, and to have a good laugh about it along the way.

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