Alternative Ways To Attract More People To Your Stuff.

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When you have a product or a service to sell, you need to get eyes on it. You may have quite literally the greatest business venture on the planet, but if nobody sees it, then it may as well not exist.

Marketing, promotion, and branding are all absolutely vital in the world of business. You’ve got to convince people that what you’re offering will enhance their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran in the business game, or you’re just starting up, you need to get the creative advertising bit correct.

You probably know all about the traditional ways of advertising. You probably also know about newer ways, such as social media marketing and various SEO techniques. Do you know about any other ways, though? There are literally thousands of ways to attract people to your product or service – it’s just a case of using your creativity! If you’re interested in knowing a few more ways, then have a little read of the following ideas:


Throwing events is a great way of getting your name out there as well as literally bringing more people towards you. Whether it’s a small event that requires an invitation, or a large party that’s free for anyone to attend, events generate a sort of buzz.

They get people talking, and, because of the fun that’s had, the attendees then remember your brand as something positive. Some events are even broadcasted around the world, so you could literally show people on the other side of the planet what you have to offer.


Throwing your brand and logo onto anything, and everything will make people remember. Hoodies, T-shirts, hats, keyrings – whatever! If the avatar of your business is there for all to see, then it’s going to work.

Alternative Retail Methods

When people see a shiny store or a stand with products on it, they look at it. They might even walk over and enquire about stuff. If you’re interested in open up little pop-up stores or concessions, then firms like Design4Retail can help you out with that. If you have a store but would like a little bit extra, then these kinds of things can get eyes on your stuff. 

Interactive Content

This usually works on things like social media. If you’re going to try social media marketing (which you probably should), then think about posting things that make people want to click. Polls usually work like a charm. Infographics are great. Posts with links work well. Little mini-games are excellent. You get the idea – make them interact!

Viral Marketing

What is viral marketing? Well, it’s a marketing stunt that gets people involved. Do you remember the ALS ice bucket challenge that raised awareness for the likes of motor neuron disease?

Well, everyone did it. They all throw freezing cold water over themselves, and it made people aware of the disease. If you can get this kind of thing right, then you could be responsible for starting a nationwide (or even worldwide) trend. People would then remember the name and the reason.

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