Amazing Ways To Reward Your Employees.

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AwardHow does it feel when someone tells you what a great job you’re doing? Isn’t it great to relish in that moment of glory? It’s essential to make time to praise your employees for a job well done as recognition makes people not only feel good about themselves but also motivates employees to keep up the excellent work.

Positive reinforcement also sets an example for everyone in your organisation, showing them the kind of work you value most. Rewarding people doesn’t have to be an elaborate event; here are a few small and fun ways you can reward your employees:

CEO For The Day

If you dare do it, you could offer to let an employee be “CEO for the Day” this day they can make the rules and make a speech at a team meeting.

Lunch With The Boss

Take your staff out to lunch and let them choose the location. Keep work-related discussions to a minimum and take the time to get to know more about what your employee’s interests and hobbies are outside of their work lives.

Team Shopping Spree

Set a number-based milestone, like as a sales goal and use it as the basis for a celebration. For examples, you could use that number and take everyone out shopping, giving everyone an amount of money based on that number and giving them that amount of time to spend the money on something for themselves. Meet up afterwards when time is up for a show-and-tell about what everyone bought.


Hold an employee appreciation dinner or a staff party and give everyone some play money to use at an auction. Auction items such as personal tasks that the management team will do for the winning bidder, for example washing their car, cooking for them, baking a cake or doing their job.

Company Merchandise

Everyone loves a free t-shirt or cap. Offer employees free company merchandise as this is an inexpensive and fun way to say, ‘thank you’.

‘Thank you’ Meeting

If one of your employees has done something particularly notable, call them into your office to say thank you. It’s a very impactful way to show someone that you are grateful. Avoid discussing other issues and only talk about the excellent work they have done.

Certificate Of Achievement

Present a certificate in honour of specific performance; you can even have some fun and order some medals online to go with them. Highlighting your employees’ achievements in a little award ceremony or company meeting and then announcing it on the newsletter or your company Intranet site is a nice added touch.

Spot Awards

When you see employees do something good, give them a little award on the spot. Have a goodies draw which could have some small prizes and some bigger ones which you can dip into when someone deserves it.

Impromptu time off

Giving employees spontaneous late arrival or early departure days are always a good motivator. For example, on a sunny day, send a quick email that says, “It’s a beautiful afternoon. Go and enjoy it” and let everyone finish early.

Breakfast Treat

Know your employees’ favourite morning treat and show up with it – coffee, Diet Coke, breakfast tacos, doughnuts, for a lovely breakfast.

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