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This Endeavour talk was live blogged by Adam Tinworth at Like Minds, Exeter 2012.

Anton Chernikov, Founder, GoodPeople

He starts with a poem. I can’t live blog that! Business needs to be reversed. People and planet should not be a cost. It’s not just about good comms, about getting people to like you on Facebook. It’s about your supply chain, and your procurement process. It’s about making your business culture more human. He’s staking a big part of his life and his career on the fact that social enterprise is the future of business.

GoodPeople is a consultancy (at least one part of it is). Partnership is at the heart of what they do. What it means to run a lean consultancy is to have a small team of  core founders, and a large team of partners. He’s not the founder. He was the second. In the eight months they’ve been going, they’d had some amazing cleints. They’re based near London Brdige, and they’re working on that shard.

He’s a believer in the power of networks. How do we use them to do good? How do we merge social responsibility and social media into a single product? The other part of the business is a tech platform. They want to bring together business, social enterprise, the charity sector and government and academia. You logon, and you post an opportunity. What are you doing? What do you need? What do you have to offer? That makes up the opportunity. And then you can share it across your networks. It has to be an exchange.

If it’s successful, they want to give it away. Put your own brand on it and build your own community.

Get all your people together in a room. Write down every single rule you company lives by. Then, see how many of them you can break to make your company better.  Or write two lists: what you’re good at and then problems you care about. Connect the two.

Technology is not just about tech. You need to start with a human need. You need to give your people permission to care. And then think about how you can make that into a successful business.

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