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AppsThere are times when your smartphone can be a welcome distraction from the pressures of work when a few minutes spent browsing your Facebook page or scrolling through Instagram can give your mind a break from the demands of a hectic schedule.

But when you run your own business, like it or not, having your phone on you is essential for scheduling calls, checking emails and keeping up with the latest developments in your industry. In this article we take a look at some of the Apps that will keep you up to date and on top of your digital game.


It’s ubiquitous with storage and is far from glamorous but the beauty of Dropbox lies in its simplicity. The App is no less useful than the full-scale version, giving you access to your files on the go and when you need them most. With an impressive amount of free storage, you also have the possibility to upgrade if needed.


This simple App allows you to schedule your team in an easy, straightforward way. Simply create a card which carries information on all the tasks and assignments you want your team to complete and when and share it with the group. Easy to understand, you’ll be notified every time someone ticks a task off or changes the card in any way. Essential for keeping everyone on track, even when you’re not all in the same office space.


Another one of the more tried and tested Apps that allows you to manage, build and send your newsletter and mailouts with relative ease. Use this App to keep on top of your contacts and schedule timely mailings to clients when you need to keep everyone updated on your latest offers and developments.


This App is perfect for the business person who travels a lot with their work. It works by taking a lot of the stress out of managing your tickets, creating an itinerary and helping you with directions, travel information on flights and so on. If you find travelling stressful Tripit will help by keeping all your information in a central place, easy and accessible to find on the go.


When you need to set up a video conference call, Fuze can bring everyone together. Its appeal is that it can be used across most devices from phone to tablets and laptops and is easy to set-up. The high-quality imaging and sound are also a real bonus when you need to get your meeting up and running without running into tech problems.

Now you have even more reason to play with your phone and even less reason to feel out of control and disorganised. With the emergence of better and better tech from app developers you’ll be better connected than ever in the fast-paced, tech-friendly world of business.

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