August 11th: James Moffat on “Your Clients Are Closer Than You Think!”

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Our Guest on Episode 51 of Lunch Bites is Growth Hacker and Business Strategist, James Moffat.

James is an international Business Growth Hacker and Business Strategist, with extensive executive experience in Europe and North America. His most recent venture is the Founder of Visibility Impact where he helps EMPOWER struggling Startups & SMEs accelerate their GROWTH via Sales Hacks, Business Strategy, LinkedIn Optimisation, Content Mastery, and Interactive Storytelling (with a Free Pitch & LinkedIn Profile Evaluation), together with his ‘Boardroom’ executive program and his 3C’s Ingredients for success.


His background is a foundation in telecommunication technology, where he graduated as an Electrical Engineer, although with his natural ability to sell, he moved into more strategical sales and business growth as an Advisor, Mentor, and Consultant to many International SME companies.

To learn more about James and how he can help with your business growth, schedule a FREE 30-minute call where you will learn some tips n tricks that you can implement straight away:

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