August 25th: Jude Jennison on “The hidden dynamics of team performance”

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Our guest on Episode 53 of Lunch Bites is Jude Jennison, an expert in developing senior leaders and aligning executive teams through disruptive change and uncertainty.

Is your team fully aligned and ready for a fast-paced change?

Even the most cohesive teams can find themselves derailed by the uncertainty of change. High workloads increase stress, changing priorities cause confusion and the frustration of unresolved differences of opinion creates tension and division in teams.

Bestselling author and Founder of Leaders by Nature, Jude Jennison, shares 12 hidden dynamics of team performance and explains how your non-verbal communication has the greatest impact on your relationships and your team. Based on her recently published third book, in this talk you will discover:

• why disruptive change causes uncertainty and the impact that has on a team

• 3 team roles that are critical to a team being fully aligned

• 3 ways to increase vitality in the team and why wellbeing is a leadership issue

• 3 levels of understanding to aid decision making

• 3 unconscious stories that cause cohesion or division in the team

Jude Jennison is the Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company, specialising in non-verbal communication. Jude works with a herd of horses to transform leadership and team behaviour.

She is a best-selling author of three leadership books, podcast host, and inspirational speaker. Her leadership experience includes 17 years in IBM where she managed a budget of $1 billion.

Jude believes that people want to work in harmony but don’t always know how to align through their differences of opinion. She wants everyone to thrive at work so that business has a positive impact on society. 

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