Business Websites Should Rely On Content, Not Just Design.

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Everyone’s always trying to be innovative and think outside the box. As they should. But in business, sometimes the real innovation is, not doing what everyone else is doing. Website design has become very complex, very intricate in just about every aspect you can think of. However, is that the way forward? Just the marketing industry, website design has not shifted from how something looks and what it means or represents.

Customers are far more clever than what they may have been a few decades ago. They don’t get hypnotized by a bright package and a big bow, they care more about what’s inside. Modern websites sometimes rely too much on design and not enough on content. Luckily things are shifting towards the latter which is why you need to keep it simple.

Moving visuals have won

If you come across a business website that instantly has a video playing in the background as an overlay, they have instantly grabbed your attention. Moving visuals have won the battle and more and more businesses are ditching the ‘play on click’ video on their homepage. Now, it’s a simple matter of having an introductory video play in the background as soon as the page loads.

The key is, what is going on in the video? It should show your offices, your employees working and what the overall aims of your business are. If you’re an engineering business you’ll want to get shots of the manufacturing process, the design drafts, testing footage and the products make actually working in practice. Without the customer ready a single word, they know exactly what you’re all about. Less text on the screen and more moving visuals is simple yet effective.

Large open space

There was a time when businesses thought they need to crowd each page with as much information as possible. This way the customer would have everything they needed to know on one screen. The hope was that fewer people will click away when there is at least one right answer to their question on each page.

However, in this modern era where customers simply click away after a few seconds if they don’t find what they want or simply don’t scroll down far enough, it’s pointless having too many things per page. Take a look at some Budget web design page layout options. The Edge layout is by far the best for large open spaces which can be filled with images and videos. The Boom layout is also similar but it presents a half and half approach with room for large HD images, videos and small clickable images with text boxes. 

Drop-down options

Keep every page clean and instead of bombarding your customers with options, just have a drop-down menu with the button on the side of the page. Or perhaps keep the categories page at the top of the page on a bar that is stationary and moves with the scrolling of the page.

This way the visitor always has expanding navigation options without the page being cluttered. The simpler your website, the more videos and high-quality photographs you can use to please the eye. A background introductory video is definitely the best thing about a simple website.