Calling All Agency Owners Looking to Scale Up Their Business!

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HustleOur friends over at The Agency Collective are running a new membership tier around scaling your business. A topic close to our heart here at Like Minds.

If you’re an agency owner or board level director running an agency with a turnover of £1M – £25M, then continue reading. The Agency Collective are looking for ONLY 10 agencies to join as founding members of this group.

They’ve recently researched over 500 agency owners which as was a fun and insightful process. What they wanted to find out was:

• What does a useful membership to an organisation that provides learning & development and new business opportunities look like?

After analysing the results they put together a definitive list of the most desired features, then neatly packaged them into their brand new tier of membership called ‘Scaling!’.

If your agency signs up you can expect the following as part of your “Scaling!” membership:

* Host private lunches for you & your group with agency experts that will help you scale your agency and share knowledge with your peers.

* Make introductions to agencies for partnerships that are relevant to you.

* Make you or a co-director a industry thought leader with the help of one of the architects behind some of the biggest influencers in our industry.

* Give you speed dial consultancy to Partners at The Agency Collective, who will answer your most pressing questions about your agency and agency life to help you grow.

* Host exclusive social experiences (“Unwrapped”) for you that will inspire, entertain and teach you everything you need to know to scale your agency.

* Invite you to a private WhatsApp group to get immediate answers from agencies that are of similar size or larger and can give accurate advice that will work for your agency.

Membership is by invitation only and they are picking only 10 members by the end of March 2019.

For a demo, pricing and application information, book an exploration call with Dan de la Cruz here. 

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