Changing careers mid-pandemic: Why it’s more popular than you think!

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2020 has been a year of self-reflection for many people. The outbreak of Covid-19 has slowed down our day-to-day lives and made us stop and think about the big questions. As corny as it might sound, it really has made a lot of us think about what really matters to us in life.

Work is a huge part of your life no matter who you are. Even if you’re firmly in the work-to-live camp and you make great efforts to not let your job encroach on your free time, what you do for a living is still a big part of who you are. After all, if you work full-time, you spend around 40 hours a week at work, which is a big chunk of your time awake.

The impact of Covid-19 on the UK job market

Millions of people have been put on furlough since April, some of whom have gone on to lose their jobs. Unfortunately, some industries are simply unable to continue as normal throughout a pandemic like this – hospitality being one of the worst affected.

But it’s not just hospitality businesses that are suffering. Many businesses who depend on the hospitality industry – such as their suppliers – have also been feeling the strain and have had to cut their cloths accordingly.

Why so many people are thinking about career-changing

Those who’ve already lost their jobs during the pandemic, with little to no hope of getting a like-for-like job any time soon, are naturally looking at other career paths now: more future-proof paths.

As well as those who have been forced into unemployment, there are those who have simply had a lot more time at home, and therefore a lot of time to contemplate what they actually want to do for a living long-term.

The digital work age isn’t for everyone

A lot of jobs these days rely on technology, and can be carried out anywhere. That’s great news for the economy, because if people can work from home, more businesses can stay in business.

But the thing is, while some people thrive in this digital world of work, many don’t. They either don’t enjoy the role full-stop, or they don’t feel fulfilled by it, or they simply crave human interaction, or perhaps all three! 

There’s an undeniable satisfaction to hands-on work, especially if it requires skill. The feeling of finishing a day’s work and being physically tired – knowing you’ll sleep like a log that night – is becoming a rarer thing these days.

Similarly, millions of jobs can now be carried out without any real verbal interaction between two people. It’s efficient, but it isn’t natural.

Thankfully, fulfilling jobs do still exist: you just need to look beyond the office-based world.

For example, there has been a real upsurge this year in barber courses such as the not just barber course based in Manchester. It’s a skilled job that keeps you active and interactive: you’re on your feet all day, delivering the valuable service of fresh trims, and you’re connecting with your clients by chatting with them and building a rapport (at least, you are if you’re a good barber!).

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