Chris Moss: Riding the Digital Riptide.

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Chris Moss keynotes at Like Minds, Exeter 2011 on “Riding the Digital Riptide”. Chris has been involved in the formation of three billion-dollar companies. First as the CMO at a fledgling Virgin Atlantic, then in the development of the Orange brand, and finally in the creation of 118 118.

Chris Moss has spent the last 25 years in Marketing specialising in start-ups and brand creation. His career includes global sponsorship programmes and multinational brand launches, along with award-winning company makeovers and groundbreaking advertising campaigns.

“Chris Moss is one of the few people who can claim to have succeeded twice, first as Virgin Atlantic marketing director, then as the creator of the Orange brand”

Highly motivated director and team player who enjoys “getting the job done”. Keen to take on new challenges, a highly articulate and inspired divergent thinker.

An experienced professional, with a successful background in innovative product creation, brand strategy and launch, product interrogation, and world-class team building.

Chris has been described as “the patron saint of lateral thinkers” his work creating the Orange Brand and turning Virgin Atlantic into an internationally recognized world leader has been described as genius. He continues to challenge preconceptions and bring about change around the world.

For the last 20 years, he has been building billion-dollar business in both Europe and the USA. As CEO of 118118 he created household awareness and other adventures include merging the brands of Lloyds & TSB, ICO, Orange, Virgin Atlantic, ITV Digital, KGB in the USA along WITH building European brands such as 118218 in France.

His marketing work and campaigning have brought him numerous awards including Brand of the Year, Campaign of the year, and many others. He now contributes to numerous projects including Social housing change, Global charitable ventures, and numerous enterprise startups.

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