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One of the hardest aspects of the climate change conversation and the current debate is conveying currently abstract notions of time within concrete actionable frameworks. If we look at the essential disconnect between the political actors on stage inside and activists demonstrating outside cop26, it is fundamentally now driven by the assumed length of time between promises made and action implemented. Particularly when this assumption is overlaid against an increasing sense of a diminishing window of opportunity within which to collectively act.

In addition to this, there is also increasingly an awareness that the market challenges we now all have to navigate are shifting from linear projectable paths to complex emergent problems and that the style of leadership we need to be embodied around this shift, is not being manifested in the response we have seen from governments to the pandemic. The first time they were essentially forced to actually navigate and collectively coordinate this type of messy complex problem.

To bridge that gap people are Increasingly turning to founders who are comfortable with this shift and can work, act and implement on much shorter timelines – sprints as opposed to policy – and challenge and yes, disrupt and create the changed need within current models of thinking and solutions. However, even within that startup ecosystem and culture of the agile mindset, backing and alignment between founders and impact investors can frustratingly take many months to be put into action. 

In response to this early stage accelerator Propelia and agile digital incubator Oxogen is proud to announce their search for the Climate: Change Agent.

A campaign that within 45 days, now aims to identify and accelerate a handful of previously unrecognised UK founders, who based on their unique journey and practical iterative insight, can potentially now navigate a new path to impact the climate conversation.

Working with a select group of dedicated climate and impact funds, brands, and partners, Propelia and Oxogen will use and demonstrate the power and speed of the new lens of Founder Market Fit, to not only identify the chosen founders but to also then help and support them navigate their ‘Test Flight’. 

Founder Market Fit is a new approach in the early stage startup space, which advocates an initial period of experimentation, iteration, and validation that demonstrates the beginnings of a ‘Minimum Viable Adoption’ around their insight, approach, and direction before then moving onto the traditional lenses of Product-Market Fit and with it any type of and notion around launching an MVP.

To support this Founder Market Fit also advocates approaches like No Code / Low Code to deliver and accelerate the timeline to reaching initial solutions to problems using where possible all and any current tools available. It is felt by Propelia and Oxogen that in this way Founder Market Fit is very much aligned to the challenges founders face whilst trying to navigate a new approach to the climate conversation.

Using this new approach of Founder Market Fit, Climate: Change Agent will prove that there are diverse new voices across the UK, primed to uncover new solutions to the climate emergency today. 

They just need the opportunity.

If you would like to participate in the campaign, please contact Dan at Propelia or Phil at Oxogen.

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