Creative Careers That Actually Pay Very Well.

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Photo by Kaboompics .com from PexelsMany people wrongly believe that if you have a creative career that you won’t earn a lot of money from it because the old mindset was that you could either be academic or creative and that it was only academics who would be able to get good jobs and make lots of money.

However, time and time again this has proven to be untrue and there are well paid and low paid people at both ends of the spectrum so it really doesn’t make any difference, and nowadays with so many people embracing their creative side and turning to the internet to make a living online doing what they love, then we’re seeing even more evidence of the fact that being creative does not limit your ability to make money at all.

So, in this post, we’re going to share with you just some of the best creative careers that pay really well.

Be A Copywriter

Copywriters are people who basically write things like adverts, website content and sales and marketing materials and, not only do you need a high level of creativity to make it as a copywriter, but the work that you put into it and developing, not only the creativity, but the skill is totally worth it because copywriting is one of the most interesting careers out there and one that definitely pays well when you know where to look.

Many copywriters will start off by working for agencies or for a company within their marketing department and then they’ll often start out on their own because they’re able to choose the clients they work with, the projects they work on, and how much money they make – plus they can be totally flexible and work pretty much anywhere just from their laptop.

Be A Graphic Designer

If you love to draw or design things from your imagination, then a career as a graphic designer could be perfect for you. Much like a copywriter, a graphic designer will often work inside the same kinds of agencies copywriters do and they’ll often work in collaboration since their work goes together, and again they’ll often go on to work for themselves since this is the best way to maintain a wide variety of projects, clients, and make a good bit more money over time.

Graphic designers don’t always work on digital projects, though – many will design things like cards, packaging and even things like stationery like wedding invitations, etc.

Be An Author

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book and believe you have the dedication to sit down and actually write one, then you could consider a career as an author, and it could be argued that there are few careers more creative than being an author.

Authors who are lucky enough to get published and actually make good sales on their books can make an extremely good living, but we won’t lie, it’s definitely not the easiest choice on this list – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, so if it’s what’s calling you, then you should definitely see if you can start writing that book and look into things like self-publishing.

Be A Coach

If you’re someone who loves to help people and guide them to find the answers they’re looking for in certain areas of their life, whether that be in business, love, parenting, health or even money, you could really love a career as a coach. Coaches may have to think critically, but it’s definitely a pretty creative career, too – especially when it comes to things like your own marketing, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Be A Personal Trainer

If you have a love and passion for things like health and fitness, then one of the most creative and enjoyable careers you could possibly have is being a personal trainer. This is not only a very fun career, but you can really make a lot of money doing it.

If you’re looking to get started as a personal trainer and would like to work somewhere like a gym to get things going, then looking into some personal training qualifications would be a good place to start and allow you to really understand what goes into the job as well as the marketing side of things so that you can get clients and build a name for yourself.

Be A Chef

Chefs are will always be needed because food is something we’ll always need and people will always love going out to eat, so if your passion is cooking, then you could easily have a very enjoyable and creative job as a chef.

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