Customer Service – Dealing with Difficulty.

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Once in a while, there is a client that is very tricky or a customer that will not be appeased no matter what you do. And it will have an impact on your business. Even more so in the age of online reviews and social conversation. 

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But there is no doubt about it if you aren’t using a contact center automation, then this will fall to your shoulders to get right. And, if that is the case there here are a few things that you can do to tackle the problem. 

Mental Attitude

If you have just picked up the phone or opened an email to find a livid customer, it can take a beat to settle into your zen mode. Often if they are attacking your products and services, it can feel personal.

And the likelihood is you might want to fire something back. But don’t. Give yourself a gentle reminder that it is no your personally they are annoyed at, it is the situation. Remain positive. 

Really Listen

When people are shouting or using a verbal barrage, it is because they want to feel heard. You can’t give them that if you aren’t really listening. So let them get it out of their system. It is harder to let this happen when you are on emails or a messenger chat, but if there is space to do it, then try. 

More often than not, people listen with the intent of jumping in when they can, but you need to put active listening to use instead. Make sure that you fully understand what the real problem is. In-person you can make sure someone feels like they are being taken seriously by keeping eye contact and acknowledging what they are saying – nodding your head, not smiling and use their name too. 


What you do and don’t say will have an impact on the whole conversation. If you can do something that will improve the situation, once the customer has finished saying what they are not happy about then offer that solution. If there is really nothing you can do about the situation, or you need to get more information the do it carefully.

Verbally you should remain respectful and reassure them that you heard and understand what the problem is. If you are in person, then you can keep your facial expression calm and engaged, keep eye contact and avoid slouching. If the customer feels like they are being dismissed, the situation can get much messier. 

Act Quickly

Most importantly, as mentioned above, if you can do something about the situation, then do so. Ensure that the compensation is fair and that you follow up with anything you have promised quickly. If you said something will be sent to them, then arrange it as soon as you can. If you can replace the item or give a discount then do so.

It is always pertinent to remember that the customers and clients are the ones that make your business happen. They buy your goods and products, and at the end of the day, you need to take care of them too. 

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