Dec 9th: Andy Lopata on “When somebody asks ‘How are you?’ Your reply will never be the same again.”


Our Guest on Episode 21 of Business Breakfast TV is Professional Relationships Strategist Andy Lopata.

Andy Lopata on ‘How are you?’

The challenges of recent years have brought to the forefront the need to allow others to support us, both personally and professionally. But it still isn’t easy or natural for many.

Being transparent and comfortable sharing vulnerability with the right people, in the right way, allows us to enhance not just our sense of wellbeing but also our creativity, productivity, mental resilience and the likelihood of achieving our goals.

In Just Ask, Andy Lopata will explore the change in mindset needed to embrace the support of our networks and the power of doing so. He will look at the importance of being vulnerable, what stops us from doing so, and some simple steps to share with confidence and ease. 

Whether you are responsible for business development, bringing on talent, arranging a sales conference or running a networking event, Andy will help you to make professional relationships count. Whether you want to generate referrals, leverage your contacts, break down silos, do your job more effectively or boost your career, relationships matter.

When you get most of your customers through word-of-mouth marketing, it makes sense to have a proper referral strategy in place.

If you want to give and receive support from people you know, you need to develop your strategic networking.
And, if you’re growing your network online, you need to know how to get the best out of social media.

With two decades of networking experience, Andy Lopata will show you the way.

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  1. I found Andys’ presentation to be incredibly, poignant, relatable and deeply moving.

    My thanks to the platform hosts ‘Like Minds’ who make early morning inspiration a reality.

    1. Avatar photo

      Thank you for joining us, Caroline. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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