January 11th: Like Minds U – How to use LinkedIn for Business Growth.

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Like Minds U

Like Minds U is the Like Minds consultancy arm delivering in depth learning programs, taught by carefully selected business experts in their chosen field. They have been devised to help individuals or small businesses create frame-works and tool-sets for them to help develop their business profile and growth.

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn for Business Growth.

Led By Vic Williams founder of The Audacious Company. It’s from his daily use and constantly looking for new ways to use the platform, that Vic’s created this course. ‘How to use LinkedIn for Business Growth’ is not designed from a trainers perspective. It is designed from a users perspective, including all of the frustrations and work-arounds.

Vic will also be running an in depth one day LinkedIn marketing strategy workshop on December 5th in Exeter. He has used LinkedIn to grow his network to over 6000, highly targeted, relevant connections and as a result get in excess of 85% of all his new business directly from LinkedIn.

If you are a SOLICITOR, LAWYER, ACCOUNTANT, BOOKKEEPER, ARCHITECT, PHYSIOTHERAPIST or IFA. This course is designed for YOU. You may be a SALES professional, in RECRUITMENT, a business CONSULTANT, ENTREPRENEUR, business OWNER or company DIRECTOR with an ambition to dramatically increase your productivity, then this course is for you.

All of these professionals have attended our LinkedIn course. The majority have had great success. Book today and you too could be finding new clients and building new relationships for the future.

What will you learn?

‘How to Use LinkedIn for Business Growth’ has been designed for anyone who wishes to grow their business and promote their expertise. Based on our exclusive 20-minute-a-day system.

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