Do You Have Dedication In Business Communication?

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It might be suitable for a young entrepreneur to use their personal email for their business, but not for someone that is older and more experienced. We may not understand why, but for the younger generation in the business, some things are okay to do while for older people it’s not.

One of those aspects is how we talk and communicate with each other. If you’re a young budding entrepreneur that feels comfortable giving a presentation about multi-million profit reports in your sweatpants, you obviously don’t have trouble communicating how you feel like.

For those watching they can accept that you’re part of the newer generation and there are certain ways, you’re trying to separate yourself from the rest in the room. That’s cool, nothing bad to say about that. But for experienced business owners, you must dress a certain way and communicate in a more professional manner.

A dedicated server

The days of Hotmail are over and even the days of Gmail are almost over. Nowadays with so many dedicated email server options, you can have a professional business email for your business. Rather than using something generic and not that secure, you can look at fast email hosting for businesses. If you’d be more comfortable with a Google setup style then you can use G Suite for your emailing needs.

Alternatively you can use Microsoft Office 365. Both of these companies have their own features and their own dedicated servers. The best advantage of having your email needs hosted is that should a natural disaster strike your email server will not go down. Hosting companies provide you with 24-hour service so you can always stay in touch with clients.

Make it a habit

Do you know what your meeting schedule is planned for next week? If not, it’s time you made meetings a habit. A business that has meetings whenever the boss is ready is treading a thin line. Yes you are the owner and you run things, but giving your employees routines for sharing concerns, asking questions, and talking about performance in general, really creates an atmosphere of great communication.

You want fast-flowing communication between all departments and you want to be there when it happens. So it’s time you made a schedule of meetings and stuck to it every single week. It doesn’t matter if the meetings are just for 5 minutes because there’s nothing new to report from the previous meeting. The bottom line is, everyone is dedicated to communicating with each other, every week and day.

Keep some order

It might seem trivial right now, but you should remind your staff to always end their emails in a certain way. It could be something as simple as ‘kind regards’ but even this will be a way to have a clear marker to know when a message had ended. Some emails with many people CC’d into them can be a hundred messages long, so you need to keep some kind of order to every email so confusion does not spread.

Dedication in your business communication is crucial to have fast-flowing confident interactions between your employees but also for your clients. A dedicated server email also keeps you in touch with your clients no matter what.

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