Effective Ways To Attract Attention at a Trade Show.

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Typical Trade Show.

Trade shows are an excellent way to market your brand, so despite the expense of travel and booking fees, you should know that such events are worth your money. 

However, to ensure that your business attracts the attention it deserves, you need to come up with a plan to win people over to your stand. After all, there could be hundreds of other business owners attending, and your exhibition stand will be but one of many.

To begin with, you will need an exhibition stand that will catch the eyes of trade show attendees, as, sorry to say it, but a tiny booth consisting of nothing but a table and a pamphlet rack just isn’t going to cut it! Check out the offerings at Focal Exhibitions for something extra special.

Then consider the following ways to win attendees over to your stand. 

1: Contact trade publications before the show

Before visiting a trade show, you should always pick up any industry publications that cover the show in question. You will then have a better idea of who to speak to when you’re there, as some businesses promote themselves in advance to attract attention over to their side.

You should do the same, so contact the relevant writers and editors with news about your business. Let them know about the innovations your business will be promoting at the event, and perhaps mention the other ideas we have listed above.

You will then get a little bit of media coverage, or at the very least, some ad space, and this might encourage your fellow attendees to seek you out at the event.

2: Do something fun

Let’s be honest for a moment. Trade shows, by their very nature, are quite dry affairs. Being business-related, the word fun’ won’t automatically come to mind for many attendees, and that is why you need to bring that fun factor into the equation. From trivia games to prize draws, check out these trade show game ideas, and give your fellow attendees something memorable to do to break up the monotony of standing around and talking to others about business.

Of course, you aren’t only doing fellow attendees a favour. By attracting them to your stand, they will have the opportunity to talk to your sales team. And if you give away your promotional products as prizes, your business isn’t going to be forgotten about in a hurry.

3: Set up an oasis of relaxation

Trade shows are exhausting. When you’re not walking around visiting other stands, you’re then taking part in workshops, talking to others, and doing your best to put on a professional front. It can become wearying, and this is why setting up a relaxation zone at your stand is a must. This isn’t only for your benefit, of course, as it’s another way to catch the attention of other tired attendees. 

So, provide a sofa or two and other forms of comfortable seating. Have refreshments too, and perhaps set up a wi-fi hotspot. Attendees will then gravitate over to your stand to relax and unwind, and as they do so, they might naturally pick up one of your sales brochures to read.

They might engage in conversation with you too, perhaps over a cup of coffee you have freshly prepared for them. You can then push your product or gently slip a business card into their hands while chatting.

With these suggestions, you should make a positive mark at the trade show, and hopefully, gain new leads while doing so. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other ideas worthy of mention, please share them with us.

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