Feb 10th: Quentin Millington on “How to thrive in a future that will always be uncertain”

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Our Guest on Episode 27 of Business Breakfast TV is Quentin Millington, Founder of Management Consultancy Marble Brook.

Quentin Millington, Founder at Marble Brook

For over 20 years we have been obsessed with technology as a source of disruption. Household brands that failed to peer into the future have now vanished.

New businesses leapt on to chances that others missed and today are the most valuable companies in the world. But computers are less changeable than public opinion, and artificial intelligence is now outpaced by hashtag politics and global warming. Disruption is complex, and everywhere – it has the power to damage a reputation, capsize a strategy, and end a career.

In this episode of Breakfast TV, Quentin Millington separates the challenge of non-stop disruption into elements that the senior team can talk about and actively manage. Businesses do not have to fall prey to external forces: with a conscious approach to adaptation, companies can lessen their risks and increase the value they create.

A former Chief Operating Officer in investment banking, Quentin has worked with the senior teams of FTSE-100 and other multinationals to advance strategy, enhance culture, and strengthen leadership. His past clients include Apple, Deutsche Bank, Informa, and UBS. You can find more about Quentin’s work and that of his consultancy on the Marble Brook website

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