Fire Safety Essentials You Should Always Keep On Top Of.

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MeetingMany of us can underestimate fire. You might not think you do. We might momentarily see its incredible power when we see it tearing through dry forestry on the news each summer, but unless we live in those areas, it can be hard to truly see what that might be like.

If we’re lucky, most of our lives we will be protected by fire safety implements, and never need to become exposed to a fire getting out of hand. However, all of us have a responsibility to practice the best fire safety efforts. This is because a fire will not only affect us, our family, or our businesses, but can quite easily spread to others. This is why ensuring your own standards is absolutely essential.

This especially goes for your office, a place of many electrical devices, equipment, and many people working within the building. ‘Acceptable’ is simply nowhere good enough. You should always aim for impeccable fire safety, and always aim towards that, year after year.

So, let us help you get there:

Free Passageways

It’s essential for the avenues and walkways of your office are clear and free from any trip hazards. The same goes for items stored either side of a door, your desk layout, and of course, your staircase and elevator storage options. You should ensure that your staff can evacuate your building within at least a few minutes, and always hope to get that number down.

If you find that at one side of the building it takes one minute to be free of an office floor, while at the other side it takes five, it could be that you need to assess how you could better arrange your office. Never, ever allow a dangerous standard to become the norm. It will be lives that are put in danger.

Fire Doors & Curtains

Fire doors and curtains, such as those offered by A1S Group, can give you a much better chance of blocking off a fire and preventing it from spreading. Fires spread at a much faster rate than you might be aware of, particularly if an electrical fire and normal combusting fire combines together.

Your first duty is to get everyone out of the building while calling the fire service. The doors and protections you set up in this event can prevent a loss of damage, and also help the fire department contain the fire and remain as safe as possible themselves – which is always an essential consideration.


Let’s say that your IT professional is drinking an open cup of coffee near your server farm. This is not acceptable. The same goes for those who put their debris in the walkway of your office, do not attend fire meetings, or do not report fire safety hazards as they might appear. Conduct regular training. When your staff is able to understand their roles and responsibilities, they can make a more orderly exit in case of a fire, or prevent one entirely.

With these tips, you are certain to implement fire safety well.

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