Getting Noticed Online In 2019.

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ChairThe World Wide Web has turned 30. Nowadays, the information management system designed by Tim Berners-Lee that functions on the Internet – the comprehensive network of computers that was conceptualized 20 years before the WWW appeared – is the preferred application to navigate across different websites.

The web reaching 30 years old means that most users have developed digital savviness. In other words, attracting the attention of online users is increasingly challenging, especially in an environment where people are used to popups, blog articles, and marketing language. Ultimately, you can’t build attention online without addressing the current digital behaviours. However, while tools and tech have evolved, the principles of online marketing are not miles-apart from what they used to be.

No, advertising is not dead

It would be foolish to assume that advertising is dead. On the contrary, online advertising is more relevant than ever, however, the format has become more subtle. A modern digital marketing agency, nowadays, is likely to suggest Google AdWords ads to maximize not only your visibility but also your brand awareness.

Working with AdWords, you can ensure that your website appears in the search results for the relevant keywords. But more importantly, you can also use this strategy to target visitors to your site who haven’t converted – through Remarketing – and publish a variety of text and visual displays.

Content is key, especially if it’s entertainment

Blogging plays a central role in keeping your online presence relevant. However, more often than not, your audience is short on time. Most people skip through long articles, even they might be informative. Unfortunately, the typical attention span online is below 12 seconds, which means that your article needs to be engaging from the start.

But, as most tend to look for entertaining options while away from the desk – commuting, having breakfast, etc. – you can consider offering your blog content as a podcast too. This will guarantee that your content can be appreciated by users, instead of being only indexed by search engines.

Find a friend with many friends

In business, it’s not about what you know, but who you know. The online world responds to the samMakeupe principle by encouraging more and more companies to network with powerful influencers. Social media influencers, for instance, can dramatically improve your brand awareness by mentioning your products on their channels. However, you need to be clear about the audience you’re targeting, the understanding the influencer has of your products, and the relationship you build with the influencer.


Tell a story like no one else

Storytelling is an ancient art that dates back from the invention of language. Our ancestors have shared knowledge, wisdom, family anecdotes and life lessons through the art of storytelling. Your audience has never stopped loving stories. Consequently, the trick to share your message is to tap back into the art of telling stories.

Authenticity is primordial to make your brand engaging and likeable. As people connect with people, stories are the bridges that bring everyone together. Take a look at brands such as Airbnb that let their customers share their video experiences for inspiration.

In conclusion, advertising, informative content, network of influential individuals and good stories are nothing new in the world of marketing. Examples of business communication from the previous century – and even before – have proven that these were the same techniques. However, as the marketing environment evolves, you need to adapt your methods to modern behaviours.

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