Health = Productivity: Keeping Your Team In Good Shape.

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There are a lot of issues that can impact a person’s productivity. Living with pain or discomfort can make it just about impossible to concentrate on work, while having to deal with mental health issues like depression can make it extremely difficult to find the motivation to work hard.

In the past, employers would treat issues like this as something their teams had to deal with on their own. This has changed in modern times, though, and many companies are finally seeing the value in looking after the health of their employees. But how exactly are you supposed to approach something like this? Let’s find out.


The furniture that your team members use can contribute to a lot of different health issues. A poorly setup desk and chair, for example, can leave your employees with sore backs, wrists, and shoulders, while counters that are too low could also hurt your team member’s backs. Health should always be at the forefront of your mind when you’re choosing office furniture. There are loads of options on the market, but you may need to do some research to find those that offer the greatest health benefits. 

The Environment

Employers often undervalue the power of a healthy working environment. Exposure to dangerous chemicals should never occur at work, and this sort of thing is usually covered by the law. Lighting, plants, and the people sharing the spaces in your offices and other commercial facilities can all impact the health of your team, and this makes it crucial that you work hard to make sure that people are happy and comfortable at their workstation.

Pressure & Workload

Pushing your employees hard and making sure that they spend all of their time at work working can feel like a good way to improve productivity. In reality, though, people that are overworked will usually struggle to keep up with those that have the freedom to take regular breaks. This is something you should talk to your team members about, as each person is different, and you may find that your employees could benefit from having different work routines depending on their existing habits.


As an employee, you have a duty of care for your employees. Issues like physical and mental health may not be caused by your company, but they are still things that should be important to you. Offering support to those in your company who struggle because of their health is a great way to improve their productivity. Taking extra steps with someone who is depressed, for example, will make them feel valued and could help them on the path to recovery, while also improving their work.

Being a boss is something that few people plan for themselves when they are younger, and it can be hard to adjust to being in charge of a team. In reality, though, maintaining the health of your team members is easier than you might expect, and there are loads of tools and resources available that can help you as you go through this process.

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