How Graphic Design Can Make Or Break Your Brand.

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Branding is the process of creating an identity for your business that people learn to recognise and trust. A big brand such as the infamous yellow ‘M’ stirs a feeling inside customers and will bring them either towards your doors or away from you. 

The way you brand your business is key to its success and today we want to talk about the impact that your graphic design and branding can have on your business. 

Add credibility 

If you were to start looking in your local town or city for a takeaway on a Friday night – branding could have a huge impact on your decision making. If you compare the branding and signage of a store such as KFC with an independent place that looks dull and uses stock images – you would choose KFC out of trust. It is important for a customer to trust the credibility of your brand and your graphic design can impact how you are seen. 

Colour is key 

When contacting a graphic design agency to help you create your brand you need to consider colour and what it can do for you. Colour has a huge impact on our psyche and it will determine the feeling people get when they look at you. If you wanted to sell something like a car for example – a colour like red is a great choice because red often brings feelings of passion; aggression; and power. But a fashion brand might be better as a pastel pink where it brings the feeling of style; elegance; and class. Choosing the right colour for your logo and marketing materials can impact the success of your brand. 

You want to be recognised 

When you create a brand for success you want to ensure that you are recognised. Look at the simple apple with a bite out of it and you instantly recognise this as one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The design of a logo determines its impact on your audience and you need to create one that will be remembered and recognised. 

Your logo is your identity 

It is important to remember that your logo and your branding is your company’s identity. There is nothing more important than your company identity because this is the face your customers will see day after day when they deal with you. You must create a brand that is fun, and one that sells. 

People will trust you 

When you create a good brand and it starts to be recognised in your field – new customers are more likely to trust you. It is important that your branding and logo is easily recognised because as people search for a service or product they will be more likely to see your logo and come to you because they know who you are and they trust you. 

When considering your branding this year for your company make sure you take some time to nail it down because it could make a bigger impact than you possibly would think. 

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