How The Cloud Can Assist Business During And After The Covid-19 Crisis.

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Many businesses are already enjoying huge savings in expenses and increasing activity thanks to the adoption of cloud services. Let’s see how the cloud has impacted businesses around the country and the world during the Covid-19 crisis

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The move to working in the cloud has opened up for many owners of organizations who have so far feared the move to the cloud –  a new world of remote management options. Bosses who are afraid of their employees, managers who need to constantly know what is going on  and others who are afraid to open up to different forms of work have found that not only does working from home in the cloud allow full supervision of employees but also increases employee collaboration and information protection.

Businesses that operated in the cloud in part

Companies in many fields have already started using the cloud in recent years, most of them partially. So, what does it mean? Many companies have allowed employees to work from home at times, and use applications and technologies based on cloud services and use databases that are stored, if not all, in the cloud. The cloud has “pushed” these companies to use additional services such as: 

• Conducting zoom meetings, setting goals accurately, 

• Moving to online work environments and intuitive collaboration on various projects.

It is known that cloud computing services are hugely beneficial to companies. 

Businesses that operated fully in the cloud

Giant companies and other companies that have already moved to work in the cloud – enjoy maximum stability even in a period of uncertainty and of a viral outbreak or such and such crises. The big advantage is that it is precisely during these periods when other companies in the field are undermining and rushing to fix the flow – more established and more stable businesses can offer unrivaled services.

The benefits of working in the cloud in a time of crisis are almost inconceivable. The thought that so many businesses have given up these profits out of fear – can seem funny when you understand what benefits are possible thanks to the use of cloud services.

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Cost savings

New computers, repair of existing computers, repair and maintenance of printers, fax machines, telephone lines, technicians, IT people, help desks, telephone technical support people, and hours upon hours of troubleshooting attempts. These are just some of the indirect expenses a business has to deal with in operating in a physical space.

Businesses that have moved, even if in part, to work from home even before the outbreak of the virus – have saved themselves huge expenses on rent payments for offices that have not been used at all!  The whole computer system, physical infrastructure, local platforms –  all of these have become completely redundant with the use of the cloud. How much does working from home pay off?  So much so that international companies have equipped their employees with (new!) computers on their behalf so that they can continue to work from home without interruption.

Maximum control over information

The move to a managed cloud allows many IT managers to enjoy peace of mind and quiet nights.  Instead of worrying every time a third party is involved in the organization’s activities, information security systems operate around the clock and fully monitor organizational activities, including the use of identity management software, user management and endpoint management – while constantly updating technologies.

With cloud technologies, department managers can monitor and fully control the sites visited by employees, generate insights about project completion times, enjoy ongoing and accurate reporting and full synchronization with employees. No more prolonged coffee breaks because coffee is near the computer anyway. With endpoints secured at the highest level, all that is left for IT managers is to focus on what really matters to the business.

Information security at the highest level 

Are computer services improving during the Corona period?  Well, even the hackers are not exactly sitting still.  While many organizations, both small and medium, understand the importance of online work and remote work use these days, this is the big time for hackers: it is a golden opportunity for them to take advantage of those unfamiliar with information security and security systems and attack in a moment of weakness.

For this reason, moving from work from home can be super dangerous if it is not accompanied by cloud technologies or stored on a remote server using advanced security products. To be sure that no one uses the information or is exposed to your organizational information even when the employees at home, using the cloud, or using a remotely managed cloud are an essential part.

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