How to choose the right book scanning service.

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If you’ve decided to go with a book scanning service rather than going through the nightmarish process of scanning them at home, you will be expecting optimal results, and rightly so. 

Book scanning nowadays can create incredibly high-quality digital copies of books, often at a highly affordable rate. Unfortunately, not all book scanning services are born equal, you’ll need to choose the right one – here’s how. 

Does the business you’re looking at offer your service?

There is a wide range of scanning businesses that offer an equally wide range of different scanning services. Some focus on scanning large graphics and art pieces, while others focus on scanning documents. If you’re looking for a book scanning service, you’ll want to look for a service that specialises in just that – book scanning. 

The first stage of deciding if they’re the right service for you will be seeing if they say they offer the right service. The next stage will be investigating whether or not you think they’re really good enough for your needs. This can be done by checking the following things.

Do they use appropriate equipment?

While there are pen-sized, spy-style document scanners available these days, your book scanning service should probably be using something a little more industrial in scale than that. 

There are scanners that are optimised for scanning books, and it’s important that the service that you choose uses one of these; otherwise, not only will the results likely be subpar, but your books could also be damaged during the scanning process. 

Do they check their results?

Even if you’re scanning a book with the highest quality equipment currently available, the results of the scan can still be sub-optimal, whether a result of human error or a glitch in the machine. 

You’ll want to choose a book scanning service that employs expert, diligent workers who double-check their results before giving them back to you, the customer. You can see if they’ll rescan pages that you’re unhappy with, but ideally, you’ll want to see if they get things right the first time around. The best way of doing this is by checking the reviews from prior customers.

Do they have good reviews?

While the service you’re looking at is likely to say only the best things about their results on their own website, a truer insight can be found in their reviews and testimonies. Ideally, you’ll be able to go with a service that someone’s recommended to you, but this often won’t be possible. 

A good place to find reviews for a business will be on their Google business page; you can filter the reviews to look for the exact thing you’re looking for (in this case, book scanning) and see how previous customers found their experience.

This will be the last stage in choosing the right book scanning service – if you’ve checked all of the above, you should have an option that offers the right service, uses the right machines that are run by the right employees, and can provide results that their customers are generally happy with.

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