How To Expand Your Recruitment Search.

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If you want to track down the best talent, you need to be prepared to look far and wide. This means advertising in places beyond job boards and actively seeking out potential candidates. Just what are some great ways to expand your recruitment search? This post lists a few ideas.

Advertise on social media

A growing number of people are finding jobs through social media. Advertising on social media has one big benefit and that is that it encourages people to share job ads and tag friends. LinkedIn is the most popular and obvious platform to advertise due to it being career-focused, however, it’s also worth advertising on platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram. 

Experiment with posters, billboards and flyers

A well-placed job ad poster can still be an effective way to attract candidates. This could be outside your premises (such as on a shop window) or in another public place. Billboards can also be a striking way of advertising job vacancies. Flyers can meanwhile be posted, handed out and strategically left in all kinds of places. To help you find suitable candidates, try to advertise in locations where your key demographic is likely to hang out. For example, if you’re advertising a job at a medical clinic, consider putting posters up around medical schools.

Host a stall at a career fair

Career fairs are good places to find proactive candidates. Such fairs are commonly held at universities and schools, but you can find them in other places too. Research online into upcoming career fairs and consider contacting them about hosting a stall. You will need to invest some money into making your stall look attractive, as well as making sure that you have representatives willing to man your stall. 

Use different recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can do all the hard work for you if you don’t have time to actively search and advertise. Their expertise could also enable them to try methods you’d never have even considered. This includes headhunting potential candidates who may not even be actively looking for a job.

Just make sure that you choose the right recruitment agencies to work with – there are all kinds of companies out there including companies that specialize in sourcing executive talent and companies that are catered to certain industries. Make sure that their services are highly rated.

Hire from within

When looking for new managers, a lot of companies overlook the employees they already have. An existing employee will already have a good knowledge of your company and could require less training. Another strategy that many companies avoid is reaching out to previous employees.

It’s possible to win back past employees who were a great asset to your business – provided you’re willing to offer them more pay or greater benefits in return. You’ll be surprised at how many employees consider returning. 

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