How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Your Small Business.

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Improving customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to increase revenue and maintain customer loyalty in your small business. Following these tips will lead to happier customers and better reviews for your business.

Quick Delivery Times

So many different businesses offer quick delivery, including one-day and same-day delivery. If you want to compete with other larger businesses and improve customer satisfaction, you should look at offering quicker delivery times for your products. Mango Logistics Group is one of the fastest courier companies London has to offer. They promise an hour delivery time on many orders, which is great news for your customers. This will make you stand out from your competitors too.

Offer Multichannel Support

Having support chats on a variety of different platforms can make your customers feel seen and heard. If someone wants some quick advice about a product, they are much more likely to make the purchase if you have answered their Instagram comment or Facebook message within minutes. This could be the difference between them choosing your product, or purchasing from another business instead.

Having dedicated chat members on a variety of platforms can really help you out. You can even add automated messages to many platforms, so your customers can be directed to the help pages of your site whilst they wait for a response.

Read Customer Reviews

A customer review can tell you a lot about how people feel about your business. A bad review shouldn’t be seen as a negative thing. A bad review can be used as feedback and can help you see where you need to improve, whether this is from shipping to glitches on your website or the price of your products. If you want to improve customer satisfaction, you first need to know what the customers want and need.

Loyalty Schemes

This is an important thing for any small business. Whilst a loyalty scheme does not have to leave you out of pocket, enticing customers to come back and purchase again with a free gift or 20% off will provide more customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back to your business. Offering a points scheme is another way to do this, which could be redeemed against purchases on your website. Loyalty schemes are good for rewarding existing customers rather than just focusing on new ones.

Make Customers Feel Special

In this day and age, personalisation in businesses is an essential part of keeping customers shopping with you. As many things are done online, adding a personal touch can mean a lot. This may be written thank you cards inside your product boxes, a free gift, or a happy birthday email. Replying to their comments on social media posts, or sharing their posts if they have posted about your products can make customers feel special. It is the little things that can often make a big difference for many customers.

Improving your delivery times, making customers feel special, offering multichannel support, and loyalty schemes are just some of the ways in which you can improve customer satisfaction in your small business. Don’t forget to look through reviews to find other ways to improve.

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