How To Keep Your Staff In The Loop.

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Perhaps the most important thing for any business leader to realize is that their team is on their side. It can be too often that incentives or motivational structure are put in place to try and get the most out of a team artificially, without realizing that a well-cared-for team will already be interested in giving you the best labor value they can because most people appreciate and want to work hard for their careers.

Perhaps bringing things down to brass tacks, the most fundamental level, can be important. Let’s consider how you keep your staff in the loop. While of course IP protection and sensitive files are essential to keep secure, keeping your staff in the dark can be a somewhat negative practice. It can also distance managers from their staff.

It can make actions feel somewhat aimless, and it can even lead rumors to spread. For instance, a slowdown in work during a particular restructuring of a manufacturing facility may signify to your staff that you’re preparing to downsize when in reality you’re just upgrading the new equipment and ensuring safety standards are up to speed.

Let’s see how this vital goal can be achieved and sustained:

Keep Them Scheduled

Keep your staff schedules precise, clear, and reliable. This goes for how projects are managed and how deadlines are approached, what shifts patterns are applied to certain teams (especially in firms with a 24 hour working period), as well as budgetary calendars to help your finances move along at a worthwhile pace. Use a calendar template to ensure that these formats are understood and uniform throughout their use.

Morning Briefings

A solid morning briefing can mean everything for how well a team responds to their daily work. Starting off with a motivational speech in the form of a clear and concise report can be very effective at getting everyone ‘on-side’.

Managers may be given this responsibility, but it also can’t hurt for email reports and regular correspondence to come in the form of worthy digital communication. The more your team can be more informed of the minutiae of your planning, even in a digested form, the more they can apply their talents to good use in the right direction.

Top-Down Communication

It’s important for your staff to hear a little from the boss now and then. They want to be involved in the life of the firm, and so hearing even a message of encouragement, thanks or discussing what the new business direction will be can be essential practice.

Too many firms believe a practice like this is somehow a waste of time, as if the people stocking your ranks are not worth speaking to. But remember, they’re not automatons. They want to feel connected to the brand they work for, and there’s no better way to this than having a line of communication opened by the big bosses, even if that’s mostly a one-way conversation.

With this advice, we hope you can routinely keep staff in the loop.

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